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Transmission-line plan could benefit Idaho's nuclear lab

A Canadian company's plan to build electrical transmission lines might provide a way for Idaho National Laboratory to sell nuclear power someday, a lab spokesman says. TransCanada's NorthernLights project includes three electrical transmission lines in the Pacific Northwest by 2012, including two that would run through southeastern Idaho. The two high-voltage, direct-current lines — one from Montana, the other from Wyoming — would come together in southeastern Idaho and weave south to Las Vegas. They will carry energy from coal, wind power and other sources.
1 Nov 2006

Turbines rise on rural ridges

BONE, Idaho -- Forty-three wind turbines, each as tall as a 20-story building, rise from the rolling hills around Bone and stretch for nearly six miles across southeastern Idaho. Steve Rhodes, whose family has ranched and farmed here for four generations, admits that the windmills "took some getting used to."
14 Oct 2006

Idaho weighs need, cost of wind farms

Idaho Power Co., the state’s largest utility, has told the Idaho Public Utilities Commission that wind farmers should pay the millions of dollars for upgrades needed to connect them to the power grid. Wind farmers say Idaho Power should pay for the upgrades, as required by a 1978 law. The commission is hearing arguments over the dispute.
3 Oct 2006

Power Authority Charts West's Course

At the halfway point between the West Coast energy crisis of 2001 and the next major electricity contract renewal year of 2011, a federal power marketing agency is proposing a policy change that could affect rates in the Pacific Northwest for generations and become a national model for energy development. Northwest hydropower is one of the cheapest energy resources in the nation - about half the current market rate for electricity. The Bonneville Power Administration - which sells power in all of Washington, Oregon and Idaho and parts of California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Montana - announced this summer it wants to change the way it charges utilities for its wholesale power, to keep rates low.
25 Sep 2006

Wind Farm Application

People who live 20 miles outside of Blackfoot might have a new windy neighbor if an application is approved by Planning and Zoning tonight. Lava Beds Wind Farm is waiting on a decision from Bingham County Planning and Zoning to create a wind farm. Their application is for 18 windmills on 2,000 to 3,000 acres. The property is from 500 to 1000 North and 1900 to 2100 West. With the lack of feedback from the community, officials feel the meeting will go smoothly tonight
13 Sep 2006

Giant wind farm gets permit from BLM

Boise-based Windland, Inc. working in partnership with Shell Wind Energy recently completed a four-year permitting process with the Bureau of Land Management to OK a massive wind turbine power project on BLM land in the Cotterel Mountains near Albion, Idaho. Once completed, the Cotterel Wind Power Project will comprise 98, 300-foot-tall towers equipped with swirling white propellers stretching along 14 miles of ridgeline. Cotterel will provide enough energy to power 50,000 homes, roughly the number of homes in Twin Falls and Jerome and Gooding counties combined. If completed, the project will be the largest wind farm built on federal lands in the last 25 years.
13 Sep 2006

Approval Handed Down for Largest Federal Land Wind Project

Kathleen Clarke, Director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), announced completion of an environmental review of the largest wind energy project on Federal land in the last 25 years. Approval of the Record of Decision (ROD) and right-of-way grant for the Cotterel Wind Power Project on 4,500 acres of BLM-managed public land clears the way for the installation of up to 98 turbines on a ridge in south-central Idaho five miles east of Albion in Cassia County.
29 Aug 2006

Windland Inc. targets 2008 for turbines near Albion

ALBION — Windmills still could whirl and hum on the ridgeline above Albion, but not as soon as a developer had hoped. Any time may be too soon for Albion Valley residents who remain opposed to developing nearly 100 wind turbines on the picturesque Cotterel Mountain. Talk of legal action in an attempt to stop the project has emerged.
20 Aug 2006

Wind Farm Project Has Opponents

The Cotterel Mountain Ridge is home to wildlife, a place for people to hike and recreate, it provides a scenic view for Albion residents, and soon it could be the next wind farm in Idaho if Boise based Windland Incorporated gets it's way.
4 Aug 2006

Idaho a pioneer in wind projects?

Exergy already operates one wind farm in the state — Fossil Gulch Wind Farm located at Bell Rapids in the Hagerman area. And the company has 10 more projects on its drawing board. Like many wind power producers, Exergy and Carkulis will be keeping an eye on the upcoming release of a state utilities’ wind integration study to see just how friendly the state is to wind power.
24 Jul 2006

Got green power?

Director Bob Boren reported that the Idaho Consumer-owned Utilities Association (ICUA) has passed a resolution to get hydroelectric power reclassified as "green" energy. The resolution next goes on to the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association for consideration at the regional and national levels.
23 Dec 2005

Wind Energy and Idaho Falls

43 wind turbins on a mountainside are by definition a scarring of Idaho's natural beauty, and one would think that before such a facility would be approved it would be brought before the public.
7 Dec 2005
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