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Study costs will increase electrical bills

Hawaiian Electric Co. residential customers on Oahu will pay an average of 13 cents more a month over the next three years to cover the cost of preliminary studies HECO completed as part of its plan to generate wind energy on the neighbor islands and transmit it to Oahu via an undersea cable.
28 May 2013

Dear PUC Commissioners - Your consultant kind of missed the point

I just finished reading the transcript of the "open session" the Public Utilities Commission hosted last month: the format included a lively conversation between moderator Maurice Kaya (project director for Hawaii Renewable Energy Development Venture) and lawyer/consultant/"guest presenter," Scott Hempling. I am now sorry I couldn't be there, for two reasons.
29 Apr 2013

Wind Power

A resolution urging the governor to seek alternatives to wind farms and the proposed undersea cable to carry power to Oʻahu passed unanimously in a joint hearing of the House Committees on Energy and Environmental Protection and Consumer Protection and Commerce on April 10. ...Joann Tool of I Aloha Molokai said that many islanders have been working to conserve energy for years and shouldn't have to bear the burden of other islands' consumption.
17 Apr 2013

Lanai wind farm opponents take their case to lawmakers

People opposed to building a wind farm on the island of Lanai are trying to keep the pressure up to kill the project and some of them took their message to state lawmakers in Honolulu Wednesday.Last week, the owners of Molokai Ranch ended talks with the developer that was trying to build a commercial-scale wind energy project on Molokai.
14 Feb 2013

Molokai big wind deal falls apart

The owners of Molokai Ranch have backed out of plans to lease thousands of acres of land to a large-scale wind farm developer. The decision likely spells the end for the Molokai portion of the Big Wind project, an ambitious plan to build about 70 wind turbines on both Molokai and Lanai and bring the electricity to Oahu via undersea cables.
7 Feb 2013

Loss of wind farm cuts power to HELCO customers

More than 4,000 Hawaii Electric Light Co. customers were briefly left without power at about mid-day today when a North Kohala wind farm tripped off-line. ...Another outage at Hawi Renewable Development on Jan. 5 cut electricity to more than 6,500 HELCO customers.
21 Jan 2013

After fire, Kahuku Wind Farm fends off safety concerns

State senators pressed the developers of a North Shore wind farm on Tuesday about the safety of their technology in light of a major fire that destroyed their battery storage facility and sent toxic fumes into the air. ...The wind farm also experienced two previous fires that destroyed inverters after coming online in 2011.
4 Dec 2012

First Wind abandons Kahuku expansion as wind farm remains offline

First Wind spokesman Kekoa Kaluhiwa tells KITV4 the cause of the fire remains undetermined, and it's not known when project might get back online. ...First Wind has abandoned plans to add five wind turbines to a parcel of land below the current wind farm footprint in Kahuku. The decision comes after the KCA voted in May not to support the expansion.
27 Oct 2012

Input will aid study of energy impacts

Mark Glick, energy administrator for the state, called the initial scope "a little bit shortsighted." "When this effort, in terms of the programmatic EIS, was begun, it was originally targeted toward one segment of how we got to the 40 percent renewable energy, and it was two wind projects on two islands with a cable connecting," Glick said. "In hindsight, it's pretty easy for me to say that that was a little bit shortsighted."
20 Sep 2012
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