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Dear Maui: It's Your Turn!

Remember several years ago, when Lanai and Molokai were the targets of the undersea cable? One of the corporate partners of Pattern, Michael Cyrus, had this to say about us: "You have to go through this process of noise, where you let people feel that they had a platform to speak, but you can't let the noise distract you." Now it's your turn, Maui.
16 Sep 2013

How renewable portfolio standards can subvert your economy

Although there are currently 29 states/territories with mandated RPS, many legislators in those states are considering - if not actively trying - to roll them back. They are doing this not because they are anti-renewable, or disbelievers in climate change, or are in the pocket of Big Oil and Big Gas. They are doing this because they recognize the price-gouging, rent-seeking opportunities developers - some with no experience at all in building renewables - are relentlessly pursuing.
11 Sep 2013

Former PUC chief in dubious position

Former state Public Utilities Commission Chairman Carlito Caliboso, who cast the deciding vote to the advantage of a wind energy project three years ago, now is an attorney representing Castle & Cooke Properties, which is developing the project on Lanai. A thorough review is needed to determine whether his representation constitutes a conflict of interest in violation of rules governing attorney conduct.
22 Aug 2013

Wind power will return to Kahuku

A fire on Aug. 1, 2012, destroyed the battery storage building at the 30-megawatt wind energy proj­ect, forcing First Wind to shut down the entire facility. The battery maker, Xtreme Power Solutions, said the fire was caused by defective parts in inverters supplied by another company. HECO signed a 20-year agreement to pay First Wind an average of 22.9 cents a kilowatt-hour for electricity produced by the Kahuku wind proj­ect.
18 Aug 2013

Wind farm energy variable, is being dumped from grid

In the first five months of this year, more than a quarter of collected wind energy reported from three wind farms that deliver electricity to Maui Electric Co. has been dumped from the grid, according to the utility's website. As of the latest reported data through May, about 28.8 gigawatt hours of wind energy have been curtailed or dumped, which has cost MECO customers an estimated $352,000, according to state Public Utilities Commission calculations.
11 Jul 2013

Study costs will increase electrical bills

Hawaiian Electric Co. residential customers on Oahu will pay an average of 13 cents more a month over the next three years to cover the cost of preliminary studies HECO completed as part of its plan to generate wind energy on the neighbor islands and transmit it to Oahu via an undersea cable.
28 May 2013

Dear PUC Commissioners - Your consultant kind of missed the point

I just finished reading the transcript of the "open session" the Public Utilities Commission hosted last month: the format included a lively conversation between moderator Maurice Kaya (project director for Hawaii Renewable Energy Development Venture) and lawyer/consultant/"guest presenter," Scott Hempling. I am now sorry I couldn't be there, for two reasons.
29 Apr 2013

Wind Power

A resolution urging the governor to seek alternatives to wind farms and the proposed undersea cable to carry power to Oʻahu passed unanimously in a joint hearing of the House Committees on Energy and Environmental Protection and Consumer Protection and Commerce on April 10. ...Joann Tool of I Aloha Molokai said that many islanders have been working to conserve energy for years and shouldn't have to bear the burden of other islands' consumption.
17 Apr 2013
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