Library from Germany

Germany Massive damage in the wind farm - cause unclear 25 Apr 2018
Germany Adwen turbine missing hardware on Alpha Ventus 9 Apr 2018
Germany Wind turbine maker Nordex flags turnaround in German market 27 Mar 2018
Germany Enercon E-115 Turbine Failure 10 Mar 2018
Germany Rotor blades of wind turbine shredded at Borchen 10 Mar 2018
Germany Wind power - Jammers for the heart: Mainz researchers investigate the consequences of infrasound 5 Mar 2018
Germany ‘Mr Energiewende’ quits German government in protest at coalition deal 4 Mar 2018
Germany German coalition negotiators agree to scrap 2020 climate target - sources 8 Jan 2018
Germany German costs for energy turnaround explode 6 Jan 2018
Germany German turbine collapse 3 Jan 2018
Germany Power prices go negative in Germany, a positive for energy users 26 Dec 2017
Germany Report: Electricity prices continue to rise at the beginning of the year 26 Dec 2017
Germany German regulator triggers onshore wind rescue 1 Dec 2017
Germany Protest against the Duke Windpark; "They flattened our village" 18 Nov 2017
Germany Nordex cuts sales goal as pressure on wind sector intensifies 14 Nov 2017
Germany Siemens industrial profit dives ahead of year of change 9 Nov 2017
Europe Germany The green movement has broken in two: what happens next? 7 Nov 2017
Germany Siemens Gamesa to cut as many as 6,000 jobs 7 Nov 2017
Germany End of the subsidies: Old wind turbines will soon have to go offline 31 Oct 2017
Europe Germany Fall in wind power generation lifts German spot 30 Oct 2017
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