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Sarasota will tap into green energy fund

With commissioners Paul Caragiulo and Willie Shaw voting to keep the fund, the board's move sent a strong message that leaders in Sarasota are too broke to gamble on progressive energy efforts. "We need to get realistic," said Commissioner Terry Turner as he presented rough budget projections that show the city could face a $20 million deficit in 10 years.
18 Sep 2012

Major layoffs coming to Fort Madison plant

The biggest cuts will come in Fort Madison, where 407 workers at a wind turbine blade factory will be out of work. About 220 workers there will be retained. The company blamed difficult market conditions due to lack of congressional action on a wind energy tax credit as well as increased use of natural gas-fired power plants and an overall sluggish economy.
18 Sep 2012

Siemens laying off half its work force in Hutchinson

Siemens, a German conglomerate, announced Tuesday it is laying off 146 employees at its wind turbine nacelle plant in Hutchinson, leaving just 152 employees there. All told, 615 employees in Siemens' wind power business will lose their jobs. Siemens said the change would primarily affect employees in Iowa, Kansas and Florida.
18 Sep 2012

Wind power numbers just don’t add up

Fact is the wind companies are getting by with murder. They are allowed by eager politicians and a handful of agenda-driven groups to flippantly throw out boilerplate numbers that have no basis in scientific fact. They don’t produce facts because they don’t have to. Wind is in vogue and the uninformed but trusting public is not getting the data to make informed decisions about wind’s appropriate use.
29 Jul 2012

Palm Springs cleared in suit over wind farm notification

U.S. District Judge Manuel L. Real tossed the final remaining count in Wind Energy's lawsuit, which challenged the city's approval for a proposal from NextEra Energy Resources LLC to repower its 49.5-megawatt wind farm in Riverside County, Calif. - a project about which Wind Energy said it was not sufficiently notified.
13 Jun 2012

NextEra executive: Florida isn't right for a wind farm

Today, the Palm Beach County Commission is scheduled to vote on the proposed 114-turbine, 200-megawatt Sugarland Wind project that St. Louis-based Wind Capital Group wants to build on 13,000 acres of farmland east of Belle Glade. "If wind made sense in Florida, wouldn't we be proposing wind here ourselves?"
22 Mar 2012

Progress Energy to stop wind turbine research

After nearly a year of research, Progress Energy claims wind power just isn't practical here in Florida. ...Progress Energy's research project was supposed to run through the end of 2011, but with the lackluster results they will wrap up in January and write up a report for the state.
20 Dec 2010

FPL not about to blow chance to harness wind power

The company envisioned a $45 million project with six wind turbines as tall as 40-story buildings, at about 400 feet, taller than the Statue of Liberty. The site was FPL land surrounding its nuclear plant. "We didn't want them to ruin our beaches in a place where there is no wind," said Julie Zahniser, founder of the Save St. Lucie Alliance.
25 Oct 2010
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