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Wind turbine destroyed by wind

Two blades were ripped from the 18m high turbine in the Scottish Highlands and thrown up to 60 yards away after it was hit by 40mph gales. A third was left badly buckled. The incident has led to calls for all wind turbines to be removed from school playgrounds in the Highlands as the council's safety trigger for turbines to be shut down currently stands at 80mph winds.
4 Sep 2013

How 40mph winds wrecked this turbine

Turbine_destroyed_in_highwinds_thumb Two blades of the turbine were torn off altogether following storms last week, with one piece of debris estimated to have been thrown about 60 yards, after a suspected technical fault was 'magnified' by the wind. The incident has prompted calls for similar structures to be removed from nearby schools.
4 Sep 2013

Wind blade wrecked by lightning strike

Local resident Sheila Lawes said people in the area are concerned about the dangers if a turbine gets damaged. Another turbine was about to be erected at nearby Piper's Pool and a fresh investigation has now been launched after a second tower was said to have been toppled during high winds in North Cornwall.
6 Feb 2013

Wind turbine collapses in high wind

Margaret Coles, Chairwoman of Bradworthy District Council, said hail storms and strong winds have hit the area and the turbine, installed just three years ago, simply could not withstand the wind. "The bolts on the base could not withstand the wind and as we are a very windy part of the country they [the energy company] have egg on their face," she said. "There are concerns about safety."
30 Jan 2013
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