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Navitus Bay rejected

The UK government has halted the 970MW Navitus Bay project being developed off the coast of Dorset, southern England. The decision has been announced by the UK's Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc) following a recommendation from the Planning Inspectorate that consent be refused.
11 Sep 2015

The SNP has done for Scotland's landscape what ISIS have done to Paymyra

John_muir_trust_wind_farm_visibility_map_thumb Scotland used to be a remarkably wild, unspoilt place. Not any more, though. There’s now only 40 per cent of Scotland left where wind turbines are not blighting the view. (And already that figure is out of date because lots more turbines have sprung up since like skeletons in Jason of the Argonauts, and many more are planned). And let’s not forget the human cost: all those Scots whose rural tranquillity and health have been jeopardised by these bat-chomping, bird-slicing, subsidy-troughing eco crucifixes.
23 Jul 2015

'Delight' as two wind turbine appeals are dismissed

"I determined that the proposal would result in an undesirable proliferation of turbines on this lowland plateau which would cause considerable harm to both landscape character and visual amenity." Regarding the Peters Marland turbine, Mr Pike said, although the effect on landscape character would be "acceptable" – there would be substantial adverse effect on visual, residential amenity.
22 Jul 2015

Turbine ruling ends £1m battle to protect "War Horse" valley

A farmer who turned down an offer of £1million to put a wind turbine on his land because he wanted to keep the countryside “beautiful and unspoilt” has been vindicated after a neighbour’s application was dismissed by a planning inspector. ...Planning inspector Sukie Tamplin concluded that the scheme would be “seriously harmful” to the “timeless qualities” of the remote area.
10 Jul 2015

Test-case wind turbine will ruin cathedral view, say Lincoln locals

Lincoln Cathedral, an imposing building set on a hill in a county renowned for its lack of gradients, has defined the local landscape for hundreds of years. But plans for a wind farm on the nearby estate of vacuum-cleaner tycoon Sir James Dyson, with turbines twice as high as the cathedral, have raised fears that the area’s unique character could be destroyed.
21 Jun 2015

Jurassic coast 'at risk' from giant new wind farm

Plans to build 121 giant offshore wind turbines by Dorset could see the UK lose its only natural World Heritage Site, according to campaigners. ...The Navitus Bay Wind Park of 121 giant turbines, each towering hundreds of feet above the sea, would be clearly visible - and even potentially audible - from land.
13 Jun 2015
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