Library from Europe

Germany Infrasound - Unheard noise that is unexpectedly noisy 4 Nov
Denmark Rain damage to wind turbines is a serious and potentially costly problem 2 Nov
Ireland Effects of development of wind energy and associated changes in land use on bird densities in upland areas 1 Nov
UK Windfarms paid £5M a day to turn off turbines 29 Oct
UK Contractor for major windfarm forced to deny ‘slave labour’ claims 27 Oct
Ireland Could wind farms wipe out BIRDS? 25 Oct
Ireland Wind farms impacting on Irish bird populations - study 23 Oct
Germany Reintroduction of German setback rules proposed 22 Oct
UK Migrants building £2.6bn windfarm paid fraction of minimum wage 21 Oct
Ireland 'Wind energy sector must engage with communities over turbines' 20 Oct
UK Storm Callum sends wind turbine crashing into field where prize-winning horses graze 13 Oct
UK Site visit hears opposing views to north wind farm plan 13 Oct
UK Aberdeen Greens join battle against Glendye Windfarm plans 12 Oct
Germany Burning wind turbine in Rhede (Germany) 12 Oct
Denmark Rhode Island USA Orsted buys Rhode Island offshore wind business for $510 million 8 Oct
Germany Wind energy around Beelitz; Green light for wind power in the forest 4 Oct
UK If Corbyn ruins our land with wind turbines it would be a monument to his disdain for this country 27 Sep
UK Concerned climbers want impact assessed as north-east cable plans are considered 26 Sep
UK Mammoth wind project planned for north-east coast 22 Sep
UK Caithness villagers say no to ‘ring of steel’ wind farms 19 Sep
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