Documents from Denmark

Denmark UK The Performance of Wind Farms in the United Kingdom and Denmark 19 Dec 2018
Denmark The Vindication of Don Quixote: The impact of noise and visual pollution from wind turbines on local residents in Denmark 10 Sep 2013
Australia / New Zealand Denmark Big Wind turbines, health and disease - a Danish perspective 6 Jul 2013
Denmark UK Analysis of wind farm performance in the United Kingdom and Denmark 19 Dec 2012
Denmark Mauri Johansson speech delivered at the Vestas 2012 general meeting 29 Mar 2012
Denmark Wind Energy: The case of Denmark 11 Sep 2009
Denmark Denmark: public policy regarding loss of value to real property due to wind turbines 1 Jan 2009
Denmark Final report on investigation of a catastrophic turbine failures, February 22 and 23, 2008 1 Dec 2008
Denmark Wind turbines more annoying than expected 4 Jun 2008
Denmark Project WINDFARMperception: Visual and acoustic impact of wind turbine farms on residents 3 Jun 2008
Denmark Wind power in Denmark, 2006 1 Mar 2007
Canada USA California Maryland Denmark Germany Less For More: The Rube Goldberg Nature of Industrial Wind Development 20 Dec 2006
Denmark Danish Offshore Wind - Key Environmental Issues 1 Nov 2006
Europe Denmark Germany ABS Energy Research: Wind Power Report 2006 1 Aug 2006
Denmark Social Assessment of Wind Power: Visual Effect and Noise From Windmills--Quantifying and Valuation 2 Apr 2006
Europe Canada USA Denmark Germany UK International Experience With Implementing Wind Energy 1 Feb 2006
Denmark UK Wind power in West Denmark. Lessons for the UK 1 Oct 2005
Europe Canada USA Texas Denmark Working Paper: Utility-scale Wind Power: Impacts of Increased Penetration 1 Jun 2005
Denmark Why Wind Power Works for Denmark 1 May 2005
Denmark Progress Toward the Kyoto Targets (in Denmark) 15 Apr 2005
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