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Colebrook South wind farm proposal approved

"I don't understand how this council," Ashton said, "or anybody, could approve trespass on another person's property without explicit permission." While Ashton voted in favor of the draft findings of fact, the council member voted against the draft opinion, which stated that the Connecticut Siting Council favored the turbines. ...Ashton compared the turbines to overhanging trees, asking if neighbors could cut branches that drape over property lines.
2 Jun 2011

Ready for vote on wind power In Colebrook

The opponents of a wind power project in town are feeling optimistic that the Connecticut Siting Council will not approve its construction, after a similar project proposed by the same company in the New Haven County town of Prospect was rejected.
23 May 2011

Colebrook wind turbine hearings focus on access to site

Mr. Corey was one of several parties to appear before the Connecticut Siting Council for cross-examination on the two parts of a proposed six-turbine wind farm. The projects are expected to generate four times the amount of energy consumed in Colebrook, but have been controversial because of their location in residential areas.
27 Apr 2011

Lots of detailed opposition to Colebrook wind turbines offered

William Riiska, chairman of the Norfolk Planning and Zoning Commission and chairman of the government relations committee of the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce, also testified as a private citizen. "Both of these organizations involve planning and I am stunned by the lack of planning for a proposal like this," he said.
25 Mar 2011

Lisa Linowes Presenting

Lisa_in_ct_thumb Lisa Linowes presenting in Colebrook, CT on March 12, 2011, to a "crowd of more than 100 on Saturday who listened in rapt attention as Executive Director Lisa Linowes of Industrial Wind Action detailed the costs, both environmental and financial, of wind turbines."
13 Mar 2011
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