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Colorado. ruling bolsters state green energy mandates

If the Tenth Circuit upholds Judge Martinez’s decision, the challenge — and other constitutional challenges to RPS programs and their provisions — could discourage the adoption of programs in additional states, or the expansion of existing programs. “If you don’t know how far you can go, it’s difficult for a state legislator to say, ‘OK, let’s do this.’”
14 May 2014

Hot air from Sen. Udall on the wind subsidies

Wind energy might be great: we would commend any energy producer who found a way to provide efficient, inexpensive, abundant, reliable, and clean energy, regardless of the source. If it worked as Sen. Udall and his allies claim, we as consumers might even support it with our hard-earned dollars. If the product is inferior to its competition and more expensive (unless buoyed by tax-credits), we wouldn't make that investment-our money is better off elsewhere.
3 May 2014

Lovely detritus, ugly innovation: Kevin O’Connell evaluates the nation’s energy infrastructure

I started thinking about it in a larger context, how the Great Plains have been this really abused area of the country. You can go back to the buffalo hunts and the genocides of Native Americans. We have nuclear weapons out there. We’ve drilled and spilled oil and gas, and now we’re fracking and building wind turbines. Most people don’t see this area. It’s flyover country. When you spend a lot of time there it really hits home what we’re doing in the name of consumption and the whole sociological impact people have on the environment.”
13 Feb 2014

Coloradans can’t depend on wind energy

The wind lobby today is one of the fattest hogs at the corporate welfare trough. Rather than win customers through good prices and reliable products, the wind lobby uses political clout to force consumers to purchase its overpriced services.
6 Feb 2014

Discussion-inducing turbine project OKd by county

Indeed, on Dec. 19 the commissioners and interested members of the public endured a meeting that lasted from 9 a.m. until about 8 p.m. The meeting began with presentations from county staff and Golden West Power Partners employees, before moving on to a lengthy citizen comment period, and ending with approval for the project on a 3-1 vote. Lathen voted against the project; Commissioner Darryl Glenn was absent.
25 Dec 2013

10-hour public hearing ends with approval that paves way for 37,000-acre El Paso County wind farm

"I live under one of these, and my dream of living in a peaceful place is gone," the she said. Now that dream is lost for other El Paso County residents as well after commissioners voted 3 to 1 to approve an overlay zoning ordinance that allows the construction of a 147 turbine, 37,000-acre wind farm to be constructed within 1,000 feet of at least 18 rural homes southeast of Calhan.
20 Dec 2013

Renewable-energy subsidy twists in political winds

As conservative Republicans intensify their effort to permanently kill the PTC, which has been part of the tax code in some form since 1992, the wind industry itself faces some negative publicity. In late November, the U.S. Justice Department announced a settlement with Duke Energy Renewables, which pleaded guilty to the deaths of 14 golden eagles and 149 other migratory birds at two of its wind farms in Wyoming.
27 Nov 2013

Wind farm is on fast track

But at least one person is against it. Gail Hahn, who lives near the site of the wind farm, said she opposes the project because it will ruin the panoramic view from her home, and she believes it will reduce the value of her property.
15 Nov 2013

Wind farm coming to Calhan

A few years ago, Clipper Windpower had plans to build a wind power farm near Calhan, Colo. In February 2013, Fowler Wind Energy purchased the project, referred to as Golden West Power Partners, from Clipper. The project is under way.
1 Oct 2013

Proposed new state in northern Colorado gains traction

Commissioners say legislative efforts to crack down on energy drilling and gun laws are prime reasons for the movement. ... The commissioners have also expressed concern about the lack of funding for infrastructure and education. They claim there is a disconnect between rural voters and legislators on issues such as water and energy production.
27 Jul 2013

Tri-State: $1 billion cost to meet Colorado's renewable-energy goal

The $1 billion figure covers the cost of new wind farms, natural gas power plants to provide power when the wind isn't blow and transmission lines, Dave Lock, Tri-State's senior manager for government relations told a new committee Wednesday. ...Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, said that "in a perfect world" the committee would have been convened to reach consensus on the issues a year ago.
11 Jul 2013
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