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B.C.’s environmental studies pose an unsettling paradox

How well assessments actually protect wildlife remains a point of contention for conservation groups. “It’s a process that’s run by very good people, but it’s a weak process,” said Kevin Hanna, an associate professor of geography at the University of B.C. Okanagan. B.C. has raised the threshold for which projects are required to undertake a full environmental assessment several years ago, which was “a political decision”.
27 Feb 2015

City opposes wind farm

Mayor Al McDonald, who's scheduled to meet Tuesday with Ontario's Environment Minister, Glen Murray, said he will be requesting that the province deny Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.'s proposal for a wind farm on Crown Land in the unorganized Merrick Township.
20 Feb 2015

Ontario’s big wind bonanza: Over 90% of subsidies funneled to just 11 companies

When the Ontario government launched its Green Energy Act (GEA ) in 2009, it promised “new green economy jobs” and ” a wide range of economic opportunities.”  ...Everyone would need to pay a little more for renewable power, the public was told, but the benefits would be widely shared, for the ultimate benefit of all. As it turned out, power rates didn’t go up a little – they soared. And the subsidies weren’t widely shared among the folk – a handful of billion dollar companies pocketed most of them, most of them outside the province.
4 Feb 2015

Policy uncertainty fuels market exodus as firms bolt North American wind industry

FTI Consulting notes that prolonged market contraction has forced major turbine OEMs divest in-house non-core production assets and opt for outsourcing. As a result, the hybrid model of vertical integration and outsourcing has gained popularity. "The wind industry has been in the process of transformation since 2011, and the global wind supply chain is not matured yet."
14 Jan 2015

Packed council chambers for wind project road agreement

“Why as a council, are we being asked to sign a contract under duress?” asked Coun. Dean Trentowsky. “I got the first copy of this on the weekend, the second copy of this bylaw I received by email today at 2:30 p.m. this afternoon and I understand there’s a further revision that was submitted at 6:10 p.m. tonight – you’re asking me to sign a contract like that?” ...Council voted to endorse the recommendation for the road user agreement, as presented by Jaques, which passed.
26 Dec 2014

Invenergy wind turbine contract terminated

Information surrounding the plan to build up to 26 industrial wind turbines in North Perth and Perth East has been limited since the Ministry of the Environment deemed the application to be incomplete in August 2013 ...Invenergy LLC confirmed on Monday that the Conestogo Wind Power Partnership and the Ontario Power Authority have mutually agreed to terminate the Feed-In Tariff contract for the Conestogo Wind Project.
9 Dec 2014

Wind turbines are ‘nightmare neighbours,’ Ontario court told

In essence, they argue, the legislation makes it impossible to scuttle a project on the basis of potential health effects. “The priority is to get the turbines up come hell or high water and that’s what they do,” Mr. Falconer said. “My clients have to wait until the turbines are spinning before they get to make an argument they must be stopped – it’s Alice in Wonderland.”
17 Nov 2014

Quebec's wind energy forecast: Cloudy with an increased chance for pessimism

Quebec’s wind industry is encountering strong headwinds ...Hydro-Quebec is forecasting an oversupply of electricity through 2027. Furthermore, the government-owned utility has linked rising prices in the province to wind energy. In its 2015-2016 rate application request, Hydro-Quebec noted that “the cost of new electricity supplies, mainly wind power” was primarily responsible for its 3.9% requested rate increase.
4 Nov 2014

Who gives a hoot about turbines? A barn owl, that's who

The barn owl has done what no anti-wind turbine protester in Port Ryerse has been able to do to date: halt construction of a green energy project in their village. ...The Port Ryerse case is the first time a project in Ontario has been ordered back to the drawing board due to the presence of barn owls.
4 Nov 2014

From effective discourse to opposition rhetoric: Ontario wind proposals at risk for public defeat

Residents want to be informed and to know the assets and drawbacks a project will bring. If project advocates do not inform them, it is a certainty that opposition groups will. Furthermore, some locals may have very legitimate concerns that require in depth answers. It is paramount that these concerns are addressed or acknowledged by the wind company itself while analysis takes place. Rather than ignore citizen complaints, industry leaders must keep residents engaged while working to find ways to address the concerns of interested parties.
4 Nov 2014
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