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Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. announces withdrawal from minority interest wind investment

Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. today announced that it plans not to proceed with the previously announced investment in First Wind Holdings, LLC's ("First Wind") wind portfolio in the North East United States. The initial joint announcement with Emera Inc. in April 2011 had contemplated APUC acquiring a minority interest of approximately 12.5% in the Portfolio, representing an approximate U.S. $83 million investment.
28 Jan 2012

Turbine opponents cry foul

Wind-turbine opponents are demanding Adelaide Metcalfe council repeal a new turbine-building fee it imposed unexpectedly and without notifying them. ..."I was flabbergasted," said activist Esther Wrightman, to discover from a councillor's Facebook page that in one night council had proposed, debated, approved and passed into bylaw the new fees. "I didn't believe it at first."
26 Jan 2012

Turbine opposition wants 2-km setback

Wainfleet residents want a bylaw calling for a two-kilometre setback for wind turbines and 100% restitution of property values by the wind energy industry. Judith Atkinson, of the Wainfleet Ratepayers Association, asked for the bylaw at Tuesday night's township council meeting, stating council has an ethical and legal obligation to protect residents from the noise and annoyance of wind turbines.
26 Jan 2012

Health and noise complaints must be addressed; OFA asks for suspension of FIT contracts

The situation regarding Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT) has become untenable. The proliferation of wind turbines across rural Ontario has seriously polarized our rural communities. Residents not engaged in turbine developments have been pitted against neighbours, over concerns with health impacts and quality of life issues. IWT development currently preoccupies the rural agenda.
25 Jan 2012

OFA calls a halt to wind turbines

Mark Wales, president of the largest farm organization in the province, said the debate over industrial wind turbines has become an "extremely divisive" issue within Ontario's rural community, pitting farmers against each other. "We need to stop the process, and get it right," saidWales.
21 Jan 2012

Turbine project canceled due to budget

The wind turbine proposed at the landfill, which would have been closest to the Montgomery neighborhood was killed last night (Mon), because only one company bid on the project, and that bid was 2 million dollars over budget.
16 Jan 2012

OFA has little ability to protect health around Turbines

All in all, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) has to overcome some formidable challenges before they can make legitimate claims of protecting the health of rural Ontario when it comes to industrial wind projects. There is a huge need for the education of the organization and some members, as well as a strong well informed lobby effort to re-write the rules.
15 Jan 2012

Airport chair stands by comments on wind turbines

If they [turbines] interfere with the effectiveness of a transportation facility such as by raising the approach limits and posing collision hazards in poor weather, they reduce the economic capability of others. ...When one lands and takes off from the Collingwood Regional Airport, there is only one runway, and the flight paths are governed by standard practices promulgated by Transport Canada.
13 Jan 2012

‘Wrecking our heaven'

Those in attendance at the information session came from across Amherst Island, where a 33-turbine wind farm has been proposed by developer Algonquin Power. The audience also included a number of Wolfe Island residents, who came to learn more about health effects from turbines, and to share their own experiences since the island is home to 86 turbines.
9 Jan 2012

Massive wind farm project moving ahead

Niagara Region Wind Corp. spokeswoman Randi Rahamim said the company erected a meteorological tower in the region six months ago to gather data on wind velocity and weather data. Two more towers will soon be built in the region.
5 Jan 2012
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