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Wind farm near Anne Murray's summer home hitting sour note for songbird

Murray, who purchased a home in the area 30 years ago, said the wind farm would lead to plummeting property values and fewer tourists, adding that it would have a "catastrophic" impact on the economy. "Wind turbines are imposing structures and definitely not the kind of thing one wants to see from a golf course," she wrote. "Turbines are a curiosity, but only once."
22 Feb 2012

Turbines damage environment in many ways

Almost all post operational studies of wildlife mortalities from wind turbines in Ontario have been kept secret from the public, allowing government and industry to contend that wind turbines kill very few birds. Until we have public access to independent mortality studies, we will not know the full cumulative impact. The damage to the environment, however, goes well beyond the slice and dice effect of the turbine blades.
22 Oct 2011

Wind power: is it really all that undesirable?

We think there's no doubt that a wind turbine 500 or 600 metres away from a house will cause health problems for some of its inhabitants, particularly if they have read some of the literature available from wind power critics. Accordingly, we think the law should require all owners of industrial wind power projects to offer to purchase any residence within two kilometres of a turbine at full market value.
1 Sep 2011

Bitter winds blow

Janet Grace, a local realtor and former president of the Kingston Real Estate Association, said Thursday that when retirees go to buy property like the Kenneys', "quality of life is important." Having power-production facilities nearby, she said, may be a negative factor in making their decision.
19 Aug 2011

Concerned about industrial wind turbines?

I know that Manitoulin Island is the largest island in a freshwater lake in the world. First Nations have lived on the island and nearby mainland for more than 10,000 years. This proposed wind factory has caused a lot of division in communities; between various Aboriginal tribes, some who wish the project to proceed and hope to gain financially and those who wish to see the lands and air remain untouched.
27 Apr 2011

Wind energy's dirty secret

While the Liberals insist it's all about clean energy, a recent article in a British newspaper shows wind turbines are anything but green. A story by Simon Parry and Ed Douglas in the Daily Mail, Jan. 29, describes a horrific toxic stew brewing in China as a result of our search for the great, green holy grail.
26 Feb 2011
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