Library from California

USA California Taxpayers are footing bill for solar project that doesn’t work 29 Mar 2016
California Montana Settlement filed in dispute over bird safeguards at wind farm 25 Mar 2016
California Could California’s massive Ivanpah solar power plant be forced to go dark? 17 Mar 2016
California Dismantling under way at Altamont Pass 11 Mar 2016
California Stop ruining our priceless desert in the name of the big 'E' 1 Mar 2016
California Jacob calls for CPUC investigation of high EMF levels in Alpine along Powerlink Route 18 Feb 2016
California High EMF levels found along Alpine Boulevard along Powerlink route: Levels near school sites raise concerns 12 Feb 2016
USA California Investors in huge California wind farm might end up repaying federal subsidies 12 Feb 2016
Arizona California SunZia fighting condition it guarantee tranmission of renewable energy 31 Jan 2016
California Out of control wind turbine closes Oak Creek Rd. in Mojave 30 Jan 2016
California Ivanpah Solar project faces risk of default on PG&E contracts 15 Dec 2015
USA California Morro Bay residents grill officials about proposed offshore wind-energy project 12 Dec 2015
California Board delays Altamont repowering, seeks more transparency in siting 25 Nov 2015
California Wind energy company to hold information session in Morro Bay 25 Nov 2015
USA California Desert energy plan could 'dramatically limit' California wind growth 11 Nov 2015
California After 7 years, desert renewable energy plan finalized 11 Nov 2015
California Altamont Pass: Controversial wind turbine company blamed for bird deaths shutting down 31 Oct 2015
USA California Wind Energy vs. Golden Eagles 30 Oct 2015
USA California FWS responds to request for eagle take permit at SoCal wind farm 28 Oct 2015
USA California TerraForm investors say SunEdison duped them 27 Oct 2015
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