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Kondylis to propose halt on new turbines

After watching and learning from the year-long process of approving new wind turbines in the Montezuma Hills, one county supervisor will ask Tuesday for a temporary ban on such projects. Supervisor Barbara Kondylis will present the issue at Tuesday's Solano County supervisors meeting. The discussion comes after the Planning Commission recently approved 75 new wind turbines in an area east of Travis Air Force Base. ...Now, Kondylis wants to see the approval of similar projects stopped until the kinks of the new radar system are worked out. "I really think it's time for us to stop and give Travis a chance to get their radar in place," she said. "Hopefully they will be able to resolve the problem.
20 Apr 2008

Murrieta: Commissioners deliberate on wind turbines

A change in the city's development code that would allow for wind turbines in rural residential areas of the city received the Planning Commission's blessing Wednesday. The Planning Commission approved it 4-1, with commissioner Tom Butler voting no because he said he believed the requirements placed on having the turbines, which are energy generating windmills, would be too restrictive. The commission is recommending that the City Council consider allowing wind turbines on properties as small as 1 acre and that the wind turbines would be allowed to be as high as the already existing height requirements in the zone where they would be allowed. The height limit In rural residential zones is now 40 feet. ...Currently, the city has nothing in its codes that would allow for the use of the turbines, which have been determined to be an "abundant, renewable and nonpolluting energy resource," according to the California Development Code.
9 Apr 2008

Turbine concern on deaf ears

The general public and public agencies have apparently missed an important story regarding Travis AFB that has occurred over the last year. In an extraordinary show of concern, base officials have issued four letters objecting to the continued addition of wind turbines to the Montezuma Hills wind resource area. Air Force officials almost never make public statements about local land use issues, so these letters are highly unusual and show urgent concern. However, these concerns have fallen on deaf ears with Solano County leadership. ...Simply put, the wind company went over the head of the local commander and went to higher levels to secure a deal. In return for $1 million to study how to mitigate the problem, and stating that 75 new turbines would not increase the damage that the 750 existing turbines have already done, higher HQ then directed Travis to withdraw objections.
7 Apr 2008

Battling windmills

Gary Hatfield feels like Don Quixote in "Man of La Mancha." However, the avid chukar hunter from Mountain Home Village is battling to stop the building of actual windmills on some of the best chukar and quail hunting habitat in the West Mojave Desert. This week the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the county of San Bernardino have agreed to extend the comment period for the Granite Mountain Wind Energy Project to May 5.
3 Apr 2008

More time to comment on wind farm

San Bernardino County has pushed back the deadline for the public to weigh in on a proposed wind farm near Apple Valley. Under the proposal, the Granite Mountain Wind Energy Project would be constructed 11 miles east of Apple Valley in the Granite Mountains. Up to 28 wind turbines could be erected on a 3-square-mile parcel, according to Bureau of Land Management documents. ...The deadline was extended after residents expressed concerns in March that their property values would be affected, views would be lost and wildlife corridors would be blocked by roads, according to the statement.
1 Apr 2008

Winds of approval result in new Montezuma turbines

The next step is for the applicant, enXco, to receive building permits and then begin construction, said Greg Blue, regional manager of external affairs. He said the process went a little longer than normal. However, he is happy all the correct steps were taken. "We were glad to come to a final resolution where Travis and the wind farm can co-exist," Blue said from his San Ramon office. "Every project has issues that need to be resolved and we try and be proactive. We asked for the continuance, because we knew we had to come to a positive resolution." One detail that remains to be resolved is enXco's offer of up to $1 million to Travis that the base may use to offset any potential radar issues caused by the turbines.
25 Mar 2008

Solar energy trumps shade in California prosecution of tree owner

The ensuing paper chase through city ordinances, planning commissions, and permit hearings has consumed seven years and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, and - through California's obscure 1978 Solar Shade Control Act, which criminalizes the shading of solar panels by trees - resulted in the Santa Clara County District Attorney prosecuting Mr. Treanor and Ms. Bissett. ...The Solar Shade Control Act went unnoticed for 30 years, but since December it has come up in several lawsuits, says Stamen, the tree lawsuit specialist. "The legal system," he says, "will see [more of] these cases in the near future." Treanor and Bissett hope to influence that. "We woke up one morning essentially violating criminal law," says Treanor.
19 Mar 2008

Commission OKs Montezuma wind turbines project

The Solano County Airport Land Use Commission voted Thursday in favor of 75 wind turbines to be built in the Montezuma Hills, reversing its decision from nearly a year ago. The project will now head March 20 to the Solano County Planning Commission, where it had stalled for nearly a year after officials at Travis Air Force Base raised concerns that the turbines may affect radar systems. The change in vote came after officials at Travis indicated they are no longer objecting to the proposal, as stated in a letter written by Wing Commander Col. Steven Arquiette earlier this month.
14 Mar 2008

Airport commission takes look at wind farm project

For the first time in more than a year, a group other than the Solano County Planning Commission will be discussing a proposal to install up to 88 wind turbines in the Montezuma Hills. The Solano County Airport Land Use Commission will hear the issue Thursday night, a year after voting against the issue the first time around for fear of the turbines affecting the radar system at Travis Air Force Base. The difference this time is that officials at Travis are no longer objecting to the proposal, as stated in a letter written by Wing Commander Col. Steven Arquiette earlier this month. ...The company proposing the project, enXco, has offered Travis a gift of up to $1 million that the base may use anyway it wishes.
11 Mar 2008

Another meteorological tower for Westfield

Peter Gross of Babcock and Brown presented a request for a permit to put up another meteorological tower in the town of Westfield. According to Gross, after the public meetings about the possibility of wind farms in the Westfield-Ripley area, several families approached him about how they could become involved in the project. "They came to us which started us looking at the possibilities in that area," Gross said. "We won't know for sure until we have the readings from the met tower but we're proceeding with hopeful caution."
9 Mar 2008

Travis backs wind farm

"Although the wind turbines currently operating in the wind resource area do adversely impact our radar coverage, we believe opportunities will soon arise both to improve overall radar performance and to work with enXco to mitigate that impact," the Lichte letter read. Neither the Air Force nor enXco could say whether that mitigation effort will include a gift to Travis of up to $1 million that was offered by enXco at a Feb. 21 Solano County Planning Commission meeting. That money was offered to improve the radar system anyway Travis chose.
4 Mar 2008

Wind farm development may close B2 test facility

Kern County's western Mojave Desert landscape could include up to 300 more wind turbines in the near future. ...Northrop Grumman complained they would have to shut down their nearby B2 bomber test facility if the turbines are built. Homeowners also protested that the pristine 6,000 acre site would be ruined by the development of the wind farm.
29 Feb 2008

Panel OKs plan for desert wind farm

The commission voted 3-1 to support the PdV Wind Energy Project by Power Partners Southwest LLC, an entity affiliated with enXco, to move forward with plans to place 100 to 300 wind turbines on nearly 6,000 acres about 15 miles west of Rosamond. ...Dave Mazur, a vice president and program manager for the B2 bomber, said the turbines would interfere with its operations at the Tejon Test Facility, so much so that it would have to close. The facility works on stealth technology testing and many classified military contracts, but it's not a military installation. Northrup asked the commission to postpone any decision so a third party, cleared to review classified issues, could review the project.
29 Feb 2008

VVC windmill stirring up concerns

Reaction from residents on a presentation of Victor Valley College's planned wind turbine project was overwhelmingly negative ...The main concern that Silverman was admittedly unable to refute was the visual impact of the project. He showed computer-generated images of where the windmill will be and what it will look like from different locations. According to the pictures, residents with homes on the east side of the Mojave River would have the clearest view of the project.
27 Feb 2008

Ritter: A storm is brewing over renewable energy

‘Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! Rage! blow!" California may soon rant alongside King Lear as it presses to meet Assembly Bill 32's mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions statewide. To achieve that mandate, the California Energy Commission established an energy action plan calling for the state to generate 20 percent of its electricity with renewable resources by 2010, and 33 percent by 2020.
24 Feb 2008

Four wind-energy projects could hinder residents' views

"The California Bureau of Land Management has had over 100 applications in the desert, many of them in the 1st District," said Apple Valley Town Councilman Scott Nassif, who found out about the projects through concerned residents. "My fear that there was a proliferation of these projects has come to fruition." Once they get a foothold on a certain area, they just multiply from there, Nassif added. ..."My concern is there is other uses for the desert such as mining, cattle grazing, recreation and military operations," Mitzelfelt said. "I don't want to see all of our remaining desert that's available to people covered in windmills and solar plants."
17 Feb 2008

Voices against power path grow

Exclamations of dismay rang among the crowd last Saturday night as Dave Miller of the California Desert Coalition presented his renderings of what Green Path North would do to scenic vistas in the Morongo Basin. Miller superimposed huge transmission towers onto photos of desert panoramas, depicting the lines snaking through canyons and topping buttes. The Los Angeles Department of Power and Water Green Path North project would carve an 118-mile swath through the desert in order to erect transmission towers up to 200 feet tall on public and private land. The towers would deliver renewable electricity from geothermal, wind and solar sources from the Imperial Valley to Los Angeles.
12 Jan 2008

Commission takes no action on meteorological tower

Sometimes the vagaries of county government even can confuse folks who attend and participate in a meeting - and maybe even the decision-makers themselves. A curious case in point - The Tuesday, Oct. 2 Lassen County Planning Commission meeting where an application for a meteorological tower on private land was up for approval. Opponents of Invenergy's Horse Lake Wind Farm project claim they won a round at the meeting because the commission failed to approve the permit application. ...Anderson said while none of the other commissioners apparently wanted to approve the permit application, the commission did not make and carry a motion to disapprove it before moving on to other business.
16 Oct 2007
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