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150 hear about NextEra wind farm at Lakes town council

The energy developers and their lobbyists have a headstart on the people who merely grew up in these hills and live their lives under these wide skies. But the residents are quick studies. They are coming to council meetings like this well-prepared with questions, and their love for this land is evident. ..."Utility-scale energy farms should be built on already- disturbed fallow farmland, not in existing wildlife habitat."
16 Apr 2011

Property values and health impaired by wind turbines, experts tell East County residents

Both McCann and Krogh said that a number of turbine neighbors had walked away from their homes, because they could not live with the impacts and no one would buy their homes. Others must find someplace away from the turbines to sleep and many have had to send their children to live with relatives to clear up various illnesses.
28 Jan 2011

Analyzing the 'California effect' on the Northwest's wind power boom

"California is a very big variable," said Elliot Mainzer, who is Bonneville Power Administration's guru on how to balance future energy and environmental needs here in the Northwest. When asked if he thought California was carrying its weight as far as managing those type of issues, he said "I would like to see California pay a little bit more attention to our issues, quite frankly."
18 Dec 2010

Federal judge halts first large-scale solar project on public lands

Environmentalists, desert enthusiasts, and rural residents have objected to the project on numerous grounds including impacts on desert bighorn sheep and other threatened or endangered wildlife, destruction of historic Spanish and Native American trails, and more. Preston J. Arrow-Weed, a member of the Quechan Native American tribe, called the proposed project "genocide of our tribal ways and culture" ...The ramifications could extend beyond solar plants to also impact major wind farm projects.
17 Dec 2010

Some Ocotillo residents angry with development, say it will spoil the desert

"We all hate to see the desert disappear for sure, but we sure need the jobs here," he said. If everything were to go in as proposed, the scenery will be drastically different, said county Supervisor Jack Terrazas, who represents the area on the Board of Supervisors. There are a lot of projects that want to locate near Ocotillo.
30 May 2010

Renewable footprints: Ocotillo is Ground Zero for green developments

The open, wind-swept terrain here makes it an ideal area for Imperial County's renewable energy projects, but residents have varying views about the modern development. ...District 2 county Supervisor Jack Terrazas' jurisdiction includes Ocotillo. "What we have to weigh is what is most beneficial for everyone," he said. "At the same time, we're faced with mandates from a government edict that mandates the use of more green energy."
30 May 2010

Tehachapi renewable energy project challenged by LA County supervisors

A $1.7 billion Southern California Edison renewable energy project under construction in three counties met with a legal challenge today from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. The project is intended to create 250 miles of new and upgraded electrical transmission facilities and substations. The project will transmit electrical power from wind farms in Tehachapi.
22 Dec 2009

Planning commissioners pass Tehachapi wind farm proposal

The battle over a new wind farm in Tehachapi is now heading to the Kern County Board of Supervisors. Kern County planning commissioners approved the Alta-Oak Creek Mojave wind project late Thursday night after hearing both sides of the debate. After hours of emotional testimony from Tehachapi residents, the planning commissioners approved a 9,000 acre wind farm in the small mountain town. It could be the largest wind energy project in California, but it has Tehachapi residents' heads spinning.
13 Nov 2009

'Green' Tehachapi residents petition against wind farm

Hundreds of Tehachapi residents are trying to ban a wind farm from blowing into their part of town, but Kern County may not have legal grounds to stop the San Diego company that wants to build it. The nearly 700 Tehachapi residents have signed a petition against giant wind generators, but it's not because they're anti-environment. It's quite the opposite. They just don't want the wind farms blowing in their back yards. "If you picture a football field spinning in the air, that's how big they will be," Kassandra McQuillen explained.
11 Nov 2009

Tragedy of Tehachapi transmission project

In 2007, SCE proposed its $1.72 billion dollar Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (TRTP) to bring renewable wind energy to Southern California. A small portion of the project passes through the community of Chino Hills. This is the only community along the 173 mile route where SCE proposes to construct 200-foot high, 60-foot wide poles within 75 feet of homes. SCE has never done this before. Nor has any utility in the country ever installed a 500,000 volt transmission line so close to existing homes. Over 1,000 homes will be within 500 feet of the line, along with daycares, places of worship and parks.
8 Nov 2009
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