Library from California

California Terra-Gen wind energy official defends project as public blasts impacts 7 Nov 2019
California Court rejects challenge to Calif. wind farm 23 Sep 2019
California Energy plan may bring more solar, wind power to Santa Barbara County 14 Sep 2019
California BLM begins process to consider proposed Walker Ridge wind project 21 Jul 2019
California 'Hook, Line and Turbine': Why I oppose Terra-Gen's wind project 4 Jul 2019
California Environmental review starts anew for Northern California wind project 28 Jun 2019
California Chumash, Audubon fight Lompoc wind farm 20 Jun 2019
California ‘Avian incident’ knocks out 84% of massive California solar farm 20 Jun 2019
California Palm Springs windmill catches fire off I-10, then reported spinning out of control 17 Jun 2019
California Court rejects enviro bid to block San Diego wind farm 9 Jun 2019
California No, we shouldn't pump desert groundwater near Joshua Tree to help store electricity 30 May 2019
California Humboldt wind energy project proponents give presentation to skeptical crowd in Ferndale 30 May 2019
California Deadline looms for comments on controversial wind power project 29 May 2019
California Fisherman, conservationists want more research before developing wind farms 4 May 2019
California McGuire Hosts Offshore Wind Discussion 3 May 2019
California Hydropower bill would sabotage California’s clean energy mandate, critics say 1 May 2019
California San Diego County residents trying to stop proposed wind farm 26 Apr 2019
California CA energy shortage looms amid shift to renewables 3 Apr 2019
California Navy may oppose wind farms off Morro Bay — but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen 22 Mar 2019
California California's San Bernardino County slams the brakes on big solar (and wind) projects 1 Mar 2019
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