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Has California met its 33-percent RPS obligation?

California_renewables_xmission_8-3-11_thumb This letter prepared by Michael Picker, Senior Advisor to the Governor of California for renewable energy facilities, to the Western Electricity Coordinating Council explains that the State of California appears to have met its 33% RPS requirement for 2020. Excerpts of the letter are provided below. The full letter can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.
3 Aug 2011

Turbine maker accused of fraud

"DyoCore actions have negatively impacted legitimate competition under this program, since other providers of small wind systems are unable to compete with DyoCore's low-cost systems, claims that are based on a false premise," Robert Oglesby, executive director of the commission.
29 Jul 2011

Comments on Tule Wind LLC’s Proposed general plan and zoning ordinance Amendments

Tule_wind_llc_paa_volker_comments071211_thumb The following comments were submitted to the Department of Planning and Land Use in San Diego County California in opposition to Iberdrola-Tule Wind LLC's request for amendments to the County's General Plan, the local Community Plan, and to the existing and draft revised Wind Energy Ordinance. The comment letter was prepared by Attorney Stephan Walker on behalf of several grass-roots non-profit groups.
12 Jul 2011

Location, Location, Location

The question of where renewable energy plants can and should go has prompted debate across the West, in New England and in numerous other parts of the country. What makes the debate so heated is that it forces people to reconcile two imperatives: developing sources of alternative energy and supporting preservation-whether of a Civil War battlefield, an endangered species' habitat, or a sacred Native American burial site.
26 Jun 2011
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