Articles from Australia

Australia Wind turbine health fears warrant study, says tribunal 7 Dec 2017
Australia Power off the subsidies: Feel-good renewables hurt everybody, especially the poor 1 Dec 2017
Australia Europe Relief in Australia as French group scraps war grave wind farm 22 Nov 2017
Australia Europe Wind farm axed at Bullecourt battlefield 20 Nov 2017
Australia Wind farms: Farmers making a noise of their own 16 Nov 2017
Australia Europe Fury over 'outrageous' plan to erect wind farms on major First World War battlefield in France 9 Nov 2017
Australia Mystery surrounds collapse of wind turbine head at Australian Antarctic Division’s Mawson research station 8 Nov 2017
Australia Europe French plan for war grave wind farm sends chills to relatives 7 Nov 2017
Australia Massive Penshurst wind farm dropped 3 Nov 2017
Australia Hurrah, these turbines won’t be blowing in the wind 1 Nov 2017
Australia If we can’t have a RAT, a NEG is as good as it gets 18 Oct 2017
Australia Australia Retreats on Renewable Power 17 Oct 2017
Australia Tony Abbott calls for climate pushback as CET goes cold 10 Oct 2017
Australia USA Report: Renewable Energy is bigger ‘Scam’ than Bernie Madoff and Enron 9 Oct 2017
Australia End of Clean Energy Target should not come as a shock 9 Oct 2017
Australia Labor stands by renewable energy target 9 Oct 2017
Australia Germany Taxpayer support for renewable energy simply cannot be justified 7 Oct 2017
Australia Someone keeps shooting at a well-known Victorian wind farm 27 Sep 2017
Australia Farmer may be gone with the wind farm and do a blade runner 24 Sep 2017
Australia We’ll have it right when renewables mafia squeals 19 Sep 2017
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