Library from Australia

Australia Renewable strategy blowing in the spin 6 Oct 2016
Australia South Australian blackout hits renewable energy transition hopes 1 Oct 2016
Australia Wind farm subsidies rise, hitting consumers’ power bills 21 Aug 2016
Australia Policy wobbles putting the wind up investors 20 Aug 2016
Australia Daniel Andrews’ wind farm plan will add to bird deaths 26 Jul 2016
Australia Call to end wind farms until power solution found 25 Jul 2016
Australia Josh Frydenberg’s new power struggle written on the wind 23 Jul 2016
Australia Business blows up as turbines suck more power than they generate 20 Jul 2016
Australia High South Australia energy prices hit Arrium hard 29 Jun 2016
Australia Prices swing wildly as renewable use rises 16 Jun 2016
Australia Boco Rock Wind Farm fined for disturbing Aboriginal heritage sites 10 Jun 2016
Australia Infigen Energy exploring options to realise value 17 May 2016
Australia Department Fines Boco Rock Windfarm For Disturbing Aboriginal Heritage Sites 5 May 2016
Australia Renewable energy target in doubt as $10b investment needed 1 May 2016
Australia Portland wind farm rift between families before Nathan Lovett-Murray’s uncle died, correspondence shows 28 Apr 2016
Australia Collateral Damage, Engineering Ethics and Wind Farms 19 Apr 2016
Australia Lal Lal group challenges wind farm laws in court 19 Apr 2016
Australia Wind farm court challenge 19 Apr 2016
Australia Wind funds used to buy neighbours’ silence 29 Mar 2016
Australia Wind power: senators want moratorium on turbines until health studies conclude 23 Mar 2016
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