Library from Australia

Australia Lack of wind a big blow for Infigen and power prices 23 Jun 2017
Australia Rudd claimed warming policies would cost us just "$1 per year" 21 Jun 2017
Australia A new methodology for investigating ILFN complaints 18 Jun 2017
Australia Lord Howe Island's plan for renewable energy rejected over 'visual impact' of wind turbines 14 Jun 2017
Australia Wind farm company sued over bushfire caused by electrocuted crow 4 May 2017
Australia To prove he’s no Weatherill, Turnbull must act now on energy 1 Apr 2017
Australia AEMO releases final report into SA blackout, blames wind farm settings for state-wide power failure 28 Mar 2017
Australia We paid $4.5m to keep power stable for a day 21 Mar 2017
Australia SA power: Windfarm standards changed to prevent further blackouts after AEMO recommendation 20 Mar 2017
Australia ‘Dirty’ deeds with diesel generators done real quick, if not dirt cheap 16 Mar 2017
Australia South Australia's power woes expose deeper problems with nation's energy security 9 Mar 2017
Australia Disregard for reliable energy 7 Mar 2017
Australia AFL chief Gillon McLachlan to tackle wind farm in court 7 Mar 2017
Australia Renewables push will hike up prices, lead to instability, says AEMO 6 Mar 2017
Australia Record submissions and huge opposition to Jupiter Wind Farm proposal 6 Mar 2017
Australia Wind power generators handed $600 million in federal subsidies 1 Mar 2017
Australia Flaming crows: bird on wire sparks bushfire 1 Mar 2017
Australia Abbott warns of a ‘drift into defeat’ 24 Feb 2017
Australia Malcolm Turnbull sharpens attack on Labor's renewable policies 13 Feb 2017
Australia Turnbull slams Labor’s power ‘horror show’ 10 Feb 2017
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