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Wind turbines: A blow for China

After the government set targets five years ago for renewable energy to make up a sixth of the country's power by 2020, nearly 100 manufacturers piled in. Now that the market is cooling, competition is starting to bite. Newly added wind power capacity fell for the first time last year, by 5 per cent, and is set to decline more sharply in 2012.
5 Mar 2012

Premier says China to curb 'blind expansion' in wind and solar

The Chinese premier says the government will promote strategic emerging industries, but emphasises that it will also "put an end to blind expansion in industries such as solar energy and wind power". Dave Dai, analyst at Daiwa Securities, believes the government was referring specifically to oversupply in the wind and solar equipment sectors.
5 Mar 2012

'One dead, one missing' after China turbine blaze

Huaneng has not confirmed details of the incident, which took place on 7 February but has only just been reported. ...CSR is a relatively new entrant to the wind turbine market. It has not commented, leaving several questions unanswered, including why the accident was only reported now, why CSR did not immediately inform AMSC and how a victim could still be missing two weeks after the fact.
23 Feb 2012

A harsh winter for China's wind industry and its leading company: Sinovel

Sinovel's rapid growth has been accompanied by a decline in market share ...shares of Sinovel now sell for 50% of the price they fetched when the dispute with AMSC became public; the company enters this year under financial pressure; this pressure has necessitated Sinovel to return to financial markets to supplement its working capital, despite a blockbuster IPO in 2011.
17 Feb 2012

4 U.S. makers of towers for wind turbines file complaint over China's steel subsidies

At Katana Summit, Kevin L. Strudthoff, the president and chief executive, said that his industry's problem was probably similar to the situation of the domestic solar panel industry. In fact, the American wind industry is also subsidized, mostly through a production tax credit, but by all accounts the scale of Chinese subsidies is far larger.
30 Dec 2011

Are wind farms changing the weather In China?

Li Qinghai, an engineer with the Water Statistics Bureau in Xilingol League, said the precipitation data collected by the bureau showed that adjacent to big wind farms there was an obvious decline in annual rainfall since 2005 - in some areas by as much as 80 per cent. "The issue is often overlooked as much of Inner Mongolia is suffering an unprecedented drought," he said. "But after spending more than two decades studying the rise and fall of water levels in the region, I have a strong feeling that the wind turbines are playing a disruptive, if not destructive, role in this, because the droughts in these areas developed much faster than in the turbine-free regions."
26 Nov 2011

Slow down the wind

Liu Qi, Deputy Director of the National Energy Administration (NEA), said, "The accidents took place partly because we had emphasized the construction of wind farms on a large scale but neglected product quality and management." After these accidents, SERC carried out a comprehensive check of the wind power farms nationwide in August, focusing on the safety management.
1 Nov 2011

Tepco says to lower stake in wind power firm

Tokyo Electric Power Co will sell part of its stake in Japan's biggest wind power developer, the troubled utility said on Tuesday, as it looks to raise funds to compensate those affected by the ongoing crisis at its crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.
25 Oct 2011

Chinese firm to build big wind farm in U.S.

The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama hopes it can reinvigorate the country's sluggish economy and spur job growth in part by bolstering the U.S. renewable-energy industry. Chinese companies undercut U.S. rivals on price because they get generous subsidies from the Chinese government. Under pressure from the Obama administration, China in June agreed to end many subsidies for its domestic wind-power-equipment manufacturers.
20 Sep 2011
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