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Wind farm proposal draws fire in Needles

NEEDLES — If the second two meetings went like the first two, support for the Crescent Peak Wind project is scarce. A total of four scoping meetings were held April 9-12 in Searchlight, Needles, Las Vegas and Henderson as part of the environmental impact statement process.
20 Apr 2018

Utility writes its own renewable energy ballot measure

On paper, what’s going to the Senate Appropriations Committee Tuesday has the same goal as the initiative of having 50 percent of what’s generated in Arizona produced by renewable sources like wind, solar and geothermal by 2030. But the measure ...prohibits the commission from implementing the new requirement if it would have any effect on “the affordability or cost” of bills paid by customers.
28 Mar 2018

SRP changes solar program to 'EarthWise' program

The state’s second-largest utility now offers an EarthWise Energy program. Customers pay 1 cent more for each kilowatt-hour of electricity they use, and can choose to pay that premium on either half or all of their energy. ...RECs can’t be double-counted toward a customer account and toward the SRP goal.
3 Mar 2017

Arizona regulators OK SunZia power lines

Chairman Little called running two high voltage power lines through the San Pedro Valley a mistake of the first order. “I am extremely disappointed in the outcome of this decision and believe there were better alternative routes with significantly less environmental impacts that unfortunately were not approved” when the project went through its federal environmental review, Little said. “I am truly saddened that one of the crown jewels of Arizona’s unspoiled wilderness will be irreparably harmed by this decision.”
4 Feb 2016

Ivanpah solar plant wants to burn more natural gas

But since the sun doesn’t shine all the time, the plant uses natural gas to keep the water hot. And, apparently, there hasn’t been enough sun to do that. Bright Source Energy, the company operating the plant, is petitioning the California government, requesting permission to burn more natural gas
22 Aug 2014

Compromise in Arizona defers a solar power fight

“The distributed rooftop solar industry has just been pushing for so long, ‘There’s no cost shift, there’s no cost shift, there’s no cost shift,’ and I think increasingly you’re seeing people both in California and Arizona and in other places say, ‘No, this is a real issue and we’ve got to deal with it,’ ” said Jeff Guldner, senior vice president for customers and regulation of Arizona Public Service. “If we don’t do something to address it you’re going to have the system collapse.”
16 Nov 2013

In Arizona, a closely watched vote to decide solar policy's fate

The Arizona Corporation Commission's expected vote will be watched closely by utility and solar players far beyond the Grand Canyon State. That's because the two industries are increasingly at odds over a policy known as net metering ...he policy helps reduce the cost of going solar for homeowners. But utilities say it shoulders citizens who don't have solar panels with an unfair share of the cost to maintain the electric grid.
14 Nov 2013

Arizona utility tries storing solar energy for use in the dark

Solana is not the first renewable energy plant with storage; several have added banks of electric batteries. But battery storage is so expensive that these have been used mostly to smooth the output of the plant, not to store huge amounts overnight. Batteries are expensive and have a limited lifetime. They are more economical in a car, where they help electricity substitute for something more expensive, like gasoline. But for utilities, they are nowhere near cheap enough to justify using them to avoid buying high-priced, late-afternoon electricity.
18 Oct 2013

New conditions on area wind farm

All Audubon members want is to ensure, through an added condition to the permit, that Torch Renewable Energy, LLC, work closely with Arizona Game and Fish (AZGF) on continuing studies of the protected bald and golden eagles, avian and bat populations, and other possible wildlife and environmental impacts, Supplee said.
20 Jun 2013
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