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Arizona regulators OK SunZia power lines

Chairman Little called running two high voltage power lines through the San Pedro Valley a mistake of the first order. “I am extremely disappointed in the outcome of this decision and believe there were better alternative routes with significantly less environmental impacts that unfortunately were not approved” when the project went through its federal environmental review, Little said. “I am truly saddened that one of the crown jewels of Arizona’s unspoiled wilderness will be irreparably harmed by this decision.”
4 Feb 2016

Neighbors pan power-line proposal

If a public-input session held last week is any indication, power transmission lines are not welcome neighbors, even if the electricity they carry is generated by renewable resources. ..."My general feeling is the Avra Valley is the dumping ground for anything that anybody else doesn't want in their backyard," he said.
6 May 2010

Group opposes power lines on river

While they are in favor of the concept of renewable energy, members of the Cascabel Working Group (CWG) are opposed to the construction of a 460-mile, high-voltage power line across the middle San Pedro River. An estimated 100 people attended an informal meeting in Cascabel last week, where they told members of the Southwest Transmission Group that building power lines across the San Pedro would damage one of the world's only free-running rivers.
22 Jan 2010

SunZia power transmission line could run through White Sands, Las Cruces

A power transmission line that could be the first in the United States to transport renewable energy might pass through Las Cruces and White Sands Missile Range, according to preliminary plans of the SunZia Transmission Project. A public scoping meeting was conducted Monday at Court Youth Center to provide interested residents with information about the project. Plans call for wind energy generated in east-central New Mexico, near Clovis, to be transported 460 to 560 miles to a substation in south-central Arizona.
27 Oct 2009
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