Maple Ridge Wind Power Avian and Bat Fatality Study Year One Report FINAL REPORT

The following report describes the research design, initiation and completion of the first year of postconstruction study (fall migration only) of avian and bat collision fatalities at the 120 turbine Maple Ridge Wind Power Project in Lewis County, New York.

The work was conducted in accordance with the “Proposed Scope of Work for a Postconstruction Avian and Bat Fatality Study at the Maple Ridge Wind Power Project, Lewis County, New York” dated March 14, 2006, and agreed upon in mid-May 2006, after several revisions. People/agencies who reviewed the proposed scope of work included staffers from the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACE), Environmental Design and Research (EDR), NYS DEC staffers, developers (PPM and Horizon), and others. Representatives from some or all of these groups have been included in a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), which has the responsibility of reviewing and commenting on progress reports, annual reports, and other updates from this project.

Executive Summary (Excerpt)

By dividing the estimated number of incidents by the number of turbines and by 1.65 MW per turbine searched in each period, a rate of incidents/turbine and incidents/Megawatt was calculated for the study duration. Because we used three different search periods to calculate incidents/MW, we calculated three different fatality estimates for birds and bats.

The estimates for birds are:
1-Day (Total season 152 days): 1151 incidents/season, 5.81 incidents/Mw/season, 9.59 incidents/turbine/season and 0.0053 incidents/MWh (Megawatt-hour) produced/season.

3-Day (Total season 138 days): 536 incidents/season, 2.71 incidents/Mw/season, 4.47 incidents/turbine/season, and 0.0027 incidents/MWh produced/season.

7-Day (Total season 125 days): 376 incidents/season, 1.90 incidents/Mw/season, 3.13 incidents/turbine and 0.0020 incidents/MWh produced/season.

The estimates for bats are:

1-Day (Total season 152 days): 2943 incidents/season, 14.87 incidents/Mw/season, 24.53 incidents/turbine/season and 0.0134 incidents/MWh produced/season.

3-Day (Total season 138 days): 2680 incidents/season, 13.54 incidents/Mw/season, 22.34 ncidents/turbine/season and 0.0133 incidents/MWh produced/season.

7-Day (Total season 125 days): 1824 incidents/season, 9.21 incidents/Mw/season, 15.20 incidents/turbine/season and 0.0099 incidents/MWh produced/season.

Editor's notes:

The most accurate counts are reflected in the 1-Day numbers for the 120 turbines and should be referenced when evaluating impacts on the full build-out of 195 turbines. In a full-build-out scenario with 195 turbines, the estimated number of incidents for the season (fall migration) is below. IWA estimates an ANNUAL number of incidents at the site to be around 10,000.

Birds - 1870 incidents

Bats - 4783 incidents




Maple Ridge Report Fall2006final

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JUN 25 2007
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