Critique of Campbell County SD proposed wind ordinance

During the summer of 2018, Campbell County Commission discussed a possible need of a wind farm ordinance, Since that time, the county held no hearings or workshops that would provide the public an opportunity to comment on the new law. The only scheduled public hearing is set for February 7th, 2019 where the County will present the ordinance. Attorney David L Ganje has expressed concern that the County is rushing the process and, in doing so, failing to allow for a free exchange ideas about the wind farm ordinance. In August, 2018, Attorney Ganje recommended the commission convene several formal and informal public meetings and hire experts in order to deliver a well-crafted ordinance. 

Attached to this page are two documents. The first is the County's proposed ordinance. The second is a detailed critique of the ordinance that was prepared by Attorney Ganje. 

Windaction is grateful to Attorney Ganje for the opportunity to share his work with our readers. 

Campbell Temporary Zoning Ordinance 011519

Download file (697 KB) pdf

Ganje Campbell County January 2019 Temporary Ordinance

Download file (618 KB) pdf

JAN 29 2019
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