Dekalb County IN wind ordinance

Dekalb County, Indiana adopted a wind energy ordinance governing the siting of wind turbines. The ordinance includes:

1) minimum setback distance of 1,300 feet or 1.1x turbine height, whichever is greatest, to any property lines;

2) 1,500 foot setback from any existing residential structure;

3) Noise is limited to 45 decibels at the nearest property line and 35 decibels as measured at the nearest residential structure;

4) Under no circumstances is a wind turbine permitted to cast shadows onto neighboring residential structures.

An excerpt of the full ordinance covering wind energy siting (section 5.6) can be downloaded by clicking the document icon on this page. The full ordinance can be accessed at the county website link, also on this page.

De Kalb County In Wind Ordinance

Download file (413 KB) pdf


FEB 13 2013
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