Status: Aramini-Krogh project to evaluate Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study

In November 2014, Health Canada released the results of its $2.1 million “Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study.” Despite public anouncements from Health Canada that the raw data originating from the Study would be made available, the data continues to be inaccessible making it impossible to validate the conclusions drawn by Health Canada researchers. For example, HC found high levels of annoyance but concluded no association to turbine noise.

A Research Data Center research project was submitted to Statistics Canada [Research Data Center Application, Guelph, May, 2015]. The goals were to assess the HC Study raw data, potentially reproduce the findings, consider analytical approaches which could provide additional insight relating to this topic, and contribute towards understanding of the HC Study findings. The proposed research project detailed the raw data requirements for the RDC Research Project. However, efforts to secure the raw data have been stymied. 

This summary document prepared by Jeffery J. Aramini, PHD, MSc, DVM and Carmen M. Krogh, BScPharm  explains the current status of the RDC project.

Stats Canada Health Canada Raw Data Project Update July 2017

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JUL 30 2017
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