Iberdrola - Tule Wind construction suspension order

The attached communications between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Iberdrola/Tule Wind detail the BLM's notice to suspend construction of the 186 MW wind project due to repeated violations of the right-of-way permit issued by the BLM. The Tule facility initiated construction on December 6, 2016. The notice to stop construction was issued on January 20, 2017. Construction has now resumed. Both the notice to suspend construction and to resume construction, which includes Iberdrola's response to the BLM, can be accessed by selecting the document links on this page, A portion of BLM's notice is provided below. 


Tule Wind, LLC
Kristen Goland Western Regional Permit
Manager, Permitting and Environmental
1125 NW Couch Street, Suite 700
Portland, OR 97209

Notice of Temporary Suspension of Construction Activities

Construction began on the Tule Wind Energy Project on December 6, 2016. Since that date there have been six confirmed violations of terms and conditions of the right-of-way (ROW) grant, including three incident s of ground disturbing work without a cultural monitor presents and three incidents of clearing beyond the disturbance limits at four different locations. Two of those locations were areas where variances has been requested but were pending, and one of those included 0.2 acres of ground that was outside the boundary of approved biological and cultural resource surveys. No biological or cultural resource damage has been confirmed to date, but the violations are repeated and their frequency is increasing. Efforts by the grant holder to correct the conditions which allowed them to occur have been ineffective.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is issuing this Notice of Temporary Suspension of Construction Activities pursuant to 43 CFR 2807.16 as a safeguard to ensure that the pattern of violation sin connection with ground disturbing activity ceases until such time as the holder files a written requires for permission to resume activities and the BLM issues a written notice to proceed with those operations. This order excludes work on site required to maintain erosion control devices and measures required per the approved Plan of Development.


Blm Tule Wind Temp Construction Suspension

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Blm Tule Wind Construction Proceed

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FEB 13 2017
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