Deuel County zoning board delays action on wind power development

The future of a wind power project in Deuel County is still undecided following another Deuel County Zoning Board meeting this week in Clear Lake.  

The board has been working on a request by a group opposed to the project to amend the county ordinance to create larger tower setbacks from 1,000 to 3,280 feet. Proponents say that would effectively kill the project that would be erected along a corridor on the eastern tier of Deuel County.

Opponents, representing the group called Responsible Deuel Wind, say the turbines are unsightly, create too much noise and flicker effects. Those supporting wind tower development, including Invenergy the company proposing the project in Deuel County, say the project has already satisfied wildlife requirements, creates a solid tax base for the county, doesn’t interfere with any resort or concentrated rural housing development and is located in a corridor that’s already designed for commerce.  

The Deuel County Zoning Board delayed any decision amending the county’s zoning ordinance this week at a meeting that was attended by nearly 200 people at the Clear Lake Community Center.  

Deuel County Zoning Officer Jodi Theisen tells KXLG news the next meeting will be January 9th.  At that time the board will either make a motion to amend and refer their recommendation to the Deuel County Commissioners or they will make a motion to leave it the same as is now.  

Invenergy is promoting the project.  The Chicago based company is North America’s largest independently owned privately held renewable energy provider with a global footprint.  The Deuel County project is estimated to generate enough electricity to provide wind power electrical energy to 100,000 homes.  On their website the company states they are currently providing renewable power to more than 2 million homes. The company says it will be providing power to both Google and 3-M as part of their renewable power generation mission.


DEC 13 2016
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