Energy Transition: wind turbines stand still while costing hundreds of millions of euros

Because the power grid is overloaded, more wind wheels must always be limited. This costs the network operators hundreds of millions of euros.

Because of the boom of renewable energy, more and more wind turbines have to be curtailed. The reason is the power overloading. The network operators must turn down windmills when their power threatens to clog the network. This was originally intended as an emergency measure. Now wind and solar park operators are required to be compensated for electricity that is not produced.

According to grid operator TenneT, the costs added EUR 329 million in 2015 alone. This is two and a half times the amount paid in the previous year. The other network operators, 50Hertz, Amprion and EnBW, had a combined loss of 150 million euros, according to a survey of Wirtschaftswoche sent to the four network operators in Germany.

The state of Schleswig-Holstein wants to change that now. "We must put an end to the waste of renewable electricity", Prime Minister Torsten Albig (SPD) told the Wirtschaftswoche. "The energy revolution will only succeed if the wind energy is used." It is necessary to expand the network and employ "additional mechanisms that can use the green energy instead of curtailing the turbine due to network congestion."

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APR 28 2016
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