Falmouth Select Board say 'no' to wind turbine eminent domain article

The Falmouth Select Board voted to recomend Town Meeting indefinitely postpone Article 27 Monday night.

The Falmouth Select Board voted to recomend Town Meeting indefinitely postpone Article 27 Monday night.


"ARTICLE 27: To see if the Town will vote to advise the Board of Selectmen to take all necessary legal actions and measures by no later than December 31, 2016 to remove any and all impediments to fulltime operation of the Town’s municipal wind turbines per the manufacturer’s specifications at its Wastewater Treatment Facility located at 154 Blacksmith Shop Road, West Falmouth, MA. Or do or take any other action on the matter. On petition of Ronald D. Zweig and others."

For the last six years the Town of Falmouth has taken the health and property rights of up to 200 residential home owners living around its two illegally permitted megawatt turbines.

The neighbors describe the noise as torture from lack of sleep.

The town has mounted a financial attack against the wind turbine neighbors using the court system to financially break the backs of the victims by outspending them on court fees, law firms and dragged out litigation.

In April of 2014 the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center a state agency provided the Town of Falmouth with 1.8 million dollars as a result of community health concerns, court ordered reductions in operation due to sound levels and related litigation.

The MassCEC clearly put the energy goals ahead of the health concerns of the neighbors. The MassCEC is only paying the town litigation fees hoping the wind turbine victims go broke and have to move out of town. 

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center is a state agency out of control using renewable energy tax money collected through our electric bills to help finance litigation against the very people who paid the taxes. The MassCEC is using taxpayer money to buy the bullets to shoot the wind victims.

The "Friends of Falmouth Wind", or simply "the Friends, is the name of a present movement in Falmouth, Massachusetts that has advocated extreme measures against a minority group of around 200 residential home owners suffering the health affects of two town owned commercial megawatt wind turbines. 

The group "Friends of Falmouth Wind" continue to hide their identities and the organization adopted a standard white commercial wind turbine using the words "safe and local" wind energy in Falmouth. Again those that live around the turbines describe the noise as torture from the lack of sleep. 

The "Friends of Falmouth Wind" are entrenched in town government offices and have been able to convince local boards to ignore local bylaws and regulations placing the operation of the turbines 24/7 over the health its own citizens.

The so called Friends advocate using the Massachusetts Clean Energy $1.8 million and your tax dollars to help pay litigation costs for the foreseeable future.

The Falmouth Select Board has taken one small step in the right direction.


MAR 8 2016
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