Wind turbine burns: Millions in damage

A wind turbine in Aurich-Pfalzdorf caught fire Sunday night. Because the flames roared at a great height, the fire department could not put it out.

Aurich - On the night of Sunday, a fire destroyed a wind turbine at the Königsmoor wind energy facility in the Pfalzdorf district of Aurich and caused damage from 1.5 to 2 million euros according to police estimates. In the wind farm, which extends from Pfalzdorf until after Brockzetel, are about 35 Enercon turbines of the series E-53 and E-66. It is not yet known which model burned at the facility. The fire was discovered at 2:25 A.M. Police are investigating. 

Because the fire was blazing in the nacelle of the wind turbine and thus was too high for the head coaches of the fire brigade, the 30 forces of fire brigades from Aurich and Wallinghausen remained largely powerless against the fire. A extinguishing of the fire was impossible.

According to police, the comrades could therefore contribute only care that the windmill burned down in a controlled manner. The flames that erupted from the nacelle of the wind turbine in more than 60 meters in height, were visible from afar. Hundreds of onlookers arrived according to eyewitnesses on Sunday on the way to Pfalzdorf, to see the burned plant. The site itself was cordoned off.

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Wind Turbine Fire Germany

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JAN 12 2015
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