Letter: Indefinite suspension of Great Bay Wind Energy Center investment

Pioneer Green Energy has been promoting a 25-turbine wind energy facility (599-feet tall each) to be sited in Somerset County, Maryland, across the Chesapeake Bay from the Pax River naval base in an area surrounded by dozens of active bald eagle nests. Significant objections to the project were raised by the Navy and local residents. The Maryland State Senate and Assembly voted overwhelmingly to delay the project until more information could be determined about the impacts on military radar. Objections were also raised by members of Maryland's Congressional delegation. On March 20, 2015, Pioneer Green notified the Somerset County Commissioners that the project was being placed on indefinite suspension. The letter is provided below and can be accessed by clicking the links on this page.

Somerset County Commissioners,

We write today regarding the status of our investment in the Great Bay Wind Energy Center in Somerset County Maryland. This project has been under development by our company, Pioneer Green Energy, for nearly five years. Over those five years we have greatly appreciated the time and attention of the County and the many supporters across the community as we have worked to bring new investment and tax base. Throughout this process , we have strived to develop a project that brought the best form of investment to Somerset County while preserving the fabric and way of life that its residents enjoy.

In running a private business we are always conscious of the potential for unanticipated hurdles and road blocks. The case of Great Bay Wind's investment is no different, bearing its own unique set of challenges. While we have persevered through many obstacles with the generous support of your great community, some obstacles have proven more difficult.

One of the most substantial obstacles to bringing jobs and new investment to Somerset County occurred in August of 2014. At that time, U.S. Senator Mikulski added language to an unrelated piece of federal legislation that placed the entire Great Bay Wind investment and business into a state of uncertainty. After careful review and discussion with stakeholders, it is apparent that we are no longer able to proceed with our investment in any way in the near term. We are forced to thus place the project in indefinite suspension and as such we will not be requesting a permit for construction of the Great Bay Wind project in Somerset County at the current time or in the foreseeable future.

Given the amount of time this Commission has spent reviewing and drafting a wind ordinance for the County we felt it appropriate to provide you with this update so that you can make an informed decision on the need to proceed.

We greatly appreciate your time and consideration and are truly saddened that we cannot bring new investment, jobs and tax base to your constituents through continued development of the Great Bay Wind project. 

In the coming weeks, an affiliate of our company, Pioneer Green Solar, will present plans to your Commission for an unrelated solar project on which they have been working with key community leaders, landowners, and farmers. We are hopeful that their effort at bringing investment dollars, jobs, and tax base to Somerset County will succeed where our efforts have failed and wish you the best of luck in hopefully seeing the benefit of such investment in the near future and for years to come.

With warm regards,

Adam Cohen

Vice President, Pioneer Green Energy


Great Bay Wind Letter To County

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MAR 20 2015
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