Cape Wind contract termination letter

Cape Wind, the first proposed offshore wind project in the United States, sent letters to the two utilities that contracted to purchase nearly 80% of the project's output, including energy, renewable energy credits (RECs) and capacity. The letters, one to National Grid, the other to NSTAR, stated the company was invoking the 'Force Majeure' clause of the contracts due to on-going litigation as its reason for not meeting the December 31, 2014 deadline for securing project financing. Both utilities responded within six days with official notice that the contracts were terminated. Cape Wind could have sought a six-month extension of the contracts by paying $1.29 million in consideration but opted not to take advantage of that option. 

The two letters submitted by Cape Wind can be accessed from this page along with the termination letter issued by NSTAR.

Nstarfm Notice

Download file (967 KB) pdf

Noticeof Terminationof Cwppa01062015

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Grid Fm Notice

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JAN 6 2015
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