Neighbor requests Vermont PSB provide relief from noise violations of the Sheffield wind project

Paul Brouha, resident of Sutton, Vermont filed this letter and accompanying reports with the Vermont Public Service Board to show that the Sheffield wind energy facility (40 MW) is consistently operating in violation of the Board's permit conditions relating to indoor noise levels. A summary of what Mr. Brouha is experiencing at his home can be found below. The findings of independent noise experts can be found by clicking the links on this page.

Paul Brouha, resident of Sutton, Vermont, requested the Public Service Board (PSB) provide relief from noise violations of the Sheffield Wind Project as required bythe Certificate of Public Good. Following the PSB 5/1/13 Order denying his request thatVermont Wind monitor noise at his residence, his letter states he hired two independent noise experts to make their own assessments. “Given the noise we were experiencing, we felt we had no option but to commission independent measurements and analyses” said Brouha.

After completing noise attenuation studies at his residence the experts found the actual indoor noise levels experienced were routinely far higher than extrapolated by Vermont Wind from a nearby monitoring location.

Vermont Wind’s primary error, accepted without question by the PSB despite being challenged by Brouha, was use of the outside to inside noise level reduction taken with windows closed at that location. With windows opened at the Brouha residence the experts found only a 1 decibel (dBA) noise level reduction and concluded Vermont Wind’s extrapolation had resulted in an error of 32 dBA.

Using Vermont Wind’s own quarterly noise data from the Sheffield Wind Project the experts documented regular and extended periods of violation of the PSB’s indoor noise standard of 30 dBA Leq (1) at the Brouha residence. They found Vermont Wind’s quarterly reports are inconclusive because outside to inside noise measurements were not performed as required. Furthermore, the experts also found that these reports contained additional flaws and misstatements.

Outsideto Inside Attenuation2 27 14 Final

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MAR 3 2014
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