Grey Highlands 2012 wind turbine noise survey

New scientific measurements reveal that industrial wind turbines (IWTs) in Ontario routinely exceed acceptable noise limits set by Ministry of Environment (MOE) guidelines. The data show that when wind turbines are present, the associated sound pressure levels are repeatedly higher than government guidelines permit during the day, evenings and late at night.

These are the results of nearly six months of continuous sound measurements away from and near industrial wind turbines (IWT's) at five locations in Grey Highlands, ON, Canada. The measurement protocol was designed to allow for corrections to account for wind induced noise resulting in findings that are directly comparable to the Ministry of the Environment tables. The results indicate that for three IWT sites studied, the recorded sound reassure levels (SPL's) exceeded MOE's noise limits a majority of the time or nonā€participating receptors outside the minimum distance of 550 m and outside the 40 dBA SPL contours calculated by consultants engaged by the ind developers.1 The other two sites were used to measure background noise levels.

The full report can be accessed by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.

Grey Highlands Plateau Noise 20130131

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FEB 3 2013
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