Insurance company letter on coverage after turbines erected

Installation of wind turbines on a property in Sarnia, Ontario will result in the insurance company deny coverage due to potential liability losses. The text of the letter appears below. The actual letter can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Dear <name withheld>:

On speaking with the Western General Insurance Company in regard to your inquiry about the installation of wind turbines on your property at _____________________ Sarnia, Ontario, the Company has advised that should a wind turbine be erected on the property, the Western General would not insure same and they would no longer remain on risk at that property, and your policy would therefore be cancelled.

The Company has also stated that once the units are erected, you, the owner of the property lose some control on people coming onto the property for repairs or maintenance, along with some injury risk the unity could cause, leaving yourself and the Company open to potential liability losses.

Your very truly,


Copy Of Wind Turbine Nil Insurance 2

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APR 24 2012
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