Golden Township planning commission - wind turbine ordinance

Called to order by Carl Fuehring at 7:30 P.M. Members present Fuehring, Terryn, Whitney, Marciniak, and Kolenda also present Jake Whelpley Zoning Administrator. Fuehring asked Whelpley to moderate the discussions.

Members were given a list of possible amendment items and a copy of the Hamlin Twp. Wind Energy Ordinance. This meeting consisted primarily of thoughts and ideas of what needed to be in the new language. The following are some determinations of that discussion.

  1. There should be some different regulations for individually owned turbines and large turbine projects.
  2. Setback should be eliminated on adjoining leased properties.
  3. Requiring a bond to repair and maintain roads during construction and a bond for restoration of sites after unit removal.
  4. There was discussion of limiting the amount of clear cutting allowed for construction. There was no consensus this issue. It could be handled by conditions if a Special Use Permit is required.
  5. Underground transmission lines were thought to be a good idea for the connecting units and getting to the main transmission lines. 
  6. Setbacks set at the height of the towers was discussed, while there was no consensus that was the direction taken.
  7. There was discussion of whether or not to make turbines Special Uses for either or both individually owned and large project units. No consensus was met.
  8. It was determined that units should have some type of non-reflective finish.
Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:00 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted


Jake Whelpley, Zoning Administrator

FEB 15 2006
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