NY DEC comments on DGEIS for Horse Creek wind power project

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) reviewed the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) for PPM's Horse Creek wind facility proposed for the New York towns of Clayton and Orleans, Jefferson County. The project consists of approximately 62 wind turbines (130 MW) with 54 turbines in the Town of Clayton and 8 turbines in the Town of Orleans. The project scope also includes construction of two permanent meteorological (met) towers, an operations and maintenance facility, approximately 16 miles of gravel access roads and approximately 28 miles of buried electric collection lines, and an interconnection substation adjacent to the existing electric transmission line.

Editor's note: This comprehensive review of the DGEIS is of particular interest because it was prepared following the post-construction bird/bat mortality study at the Maple Ridge wind facility on Tug Hill in New York. The DEC applies the findings of the Maple Ridge survey in its comments for the Horse Creek site. The Maple Ridge post-constrcution mortality study can be accessed here:

Nysdec Ppm Jefferson

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JUN 15 2007
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