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Latest News and Posts

Denmark Siemens ordered to compensate sick workers in Denmark 1 Jul
Massachusetts Senate passes renewable energy bill, setting stage for talks with House in July 1 Jul
Vermont Wind development, economy dominate Kingdom Candidate forum 30 Jun
USA 'Something's got to give': Why Wall St is uneasy with the renewable energy boom 29 Jun
Michigan Commissioner says we're pawns in wind game 30 Jun
Vermont 28-turbine mega-wind project faces steep opposition in Vermont 29 Jun
Maine Dixfield board to decide on wind ordinance in July 29 Jun
Australia High South Australia energy prices hit Arrium hard 29 Jun
Canada Ontario Open Letter - Industry compliance with Radiation Emitting Devices Act (REDA) and wind turbine investigation 15 Jun
Canada Ontario Ottawa silent on wind turbine noise 29 Jun
Tennessee Survey says: FG board takes stand against wind farm 30 Jun
Pennsylvania Dahlkemper faulted on lake turbines 29 Jun
Indiana Brevini Wind division to close 29 Jun
Kansas Kingman County wind farm signs $26.4 million contract to operate 29 Jun
UK Siemens freezes new UK wind power investment following Brexit vote 28 Jun
Germany UK Siemens puts plan to export wind turbine blades from UK on hold 28 Jun
Illinois Farmland owners sue wind farm company 28 Jun
Indiana Public Comment on Wind Farms Draws About 150 People 28 Jun
Ireland Public consultation extended for renewable energy site in Galway 28 Jun
Massachusetts A FIASCO IN FALMOUTH: Turbine projects marred by litigation 26 Jun
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