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Latest News and Posts

Ireland Major wind farm gets the green light after An Board Pleanála ruling 30 Jul
New Hampshire Balsams site plan review application still not complete 27 Jul
Vermont PSB Sets Interim Sound Standards For Wind Power 29 Jul
USA New York Hamptons town leaders object to new offshore wind farm plans 29 Jul
Vermont Residents frustrated by lack of Information, participation from developers of Holland wind project 27 Jul
Michigan Local wind farms prompt referendums in 2 townships 27 Jul
USA California Enforcement prompts eagle permit requests 28 Jul
Nebraska Sparks fly at Saline County meeting 27 Jul
Nebraska Saline County approves permit for wind farm 27 Jul
Massachusetts Falmouth board OKs mediation to resolve turbine lawsuits 27 Jul
Mexico Mexico’s Wind Farms Brought Prosperity, but Not for Everyone 27 Jul
USA California San Diego cancels projects for troubled solar firm 26 Jul
Australia Josh Frydenberg’s new power struggle written on the wind 23 Jul
Australia Daniel Andrews’ wind farm plan will add to bird deaths 26 Jul
New York Horse Creek wind farm public involvement program plan found inadequate after review 26 Jul
USA Evaluating the costs and benefits of renewable energy portfolio standards 25 Jun
North Carolina Study says wind turbines, solar farms could spike energy prices, cause job losses 25 Jul
New York Confusion after LIPA wind farm meeting postponed 24 Jul
Wyoming Transforming Wyoming into wind energy leader comes with challenges 24 Jul
Wisconsin Shirley Wind Farm health ruling stays in place 20 Jul
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