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Latest News and Posts

New York State Siting Board hearing on Alle-Catt Wind Farm online Wednesday 30 May
Iowa Iowa considers major changes in siting of renewables 26 May
New Zealand Offshore wind farm proponents warned surf breaks will be protected 30 May
Europe Siemens Gamesa contracted for 496MW wind power plant in France 1 Jun
Africa L. Turkana wind project penalty cash cut in Covid-19 fight 1 Jun
Massachusetts Coast Guard favors wind turbine corridors offshore 29 May
USA Recycling of wind turbine blades presents industry challenge 28 May
USA Trump administration gives renewables more time to take advantage of tax credits 28 May
Kansas Novak faces subpoena; Wind farm targets private emails 28 May
Wyoming Planning commission to review wind energy regulations 27 May
Virginia Upsized Botetourt County wind farm squeaks through on 3-2 supervisors' vote 27 May
Australia Birdwatcher's vow: I will take wind farm fight to high court 27 May
Vermont Sheffield Wind acknowledges noise issues and expresses sincere regret 21 May
Ohio 'Stunned' US offshore wind pioneer says turbine switch-off rule may be fatal 25 May
UK Wind farms paid record £.9.3m to switch off their turbines 23 May
Virginia Botetourt project changes part of wind industry's move toward taller turbines 23 May
UK Public inquiry to take place over 'land grab' plant at famous golf links. 20 May
Alberta Suncor suspends its wind project in Forty Mile due to Covid 20 May
USA Clean energy backers' anger grows as House ignores aid plea 21 May
Mexico Mexico pulls the plug on renewables 19 May
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