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Latest News and Posts

USA Critics of wind power blame feds for killing, ‘chopping up’ eagles, other birds 21 Jul
Maine Reception iffy as towns tackle adding towers for cell coverage 21 Jul
Texas Texas PUC memo on wind-friendly transmission 29 May
Australia Green energy target delay hits multimillion-dollar projects 20 Jul
West Virginia High costs keep renewable energy at bay in West Virginia 19 Jul
Vermont Windmill project to be argued in court this week 19 Jul
UK Sustainables jobs surge fades as wind farms face axe 16 Jul
Washington Comments to BPA regarding Whistling Ridge Energy Project 3 Jul
Michigan Visible and frustrating: Utilities chief sees more timely response to turbine issues than warranty provider 16 Jul
New Hampshire Alexandria won't approve permit for wind-power developer 17 Jul
Michigan Court of Appeals to decide Clinton County wind dispute 16 Jul
UK Wind turbine fires 'ten times more common than thought', experts warn 17 Jul
Australia Australia abolishes divisive carbon tax 17 Jul
Australia Australia's renewable energy industry grinds to a halt 17 Jul
Ohio Kasich defends record on 'green' issues 16 Jul
Wind turbine fire risk highlighted by researchers 17 Jul
Ohio Everpower seeks extension for wind farm 16 Jul
Connecticut Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island Vermont Does New England really have an "energy crisis"? 15 Jul
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick says Mass. clean energy bill 'hangs in the balance right now' 16 Jul
UK UK's new energy and environment ministers opposed green energy 15 Jul
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