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‘You won’t understand it until you live it’

These monsters are 494 feet tall from base to the tip of the blade; the blades are close to 200 feet long. When you have a very large structure, moving and spinning at over 200 mph, vibrating the air, then compound it with multiple structures, all of the same size and speed, there will be noise – and lots of it. You don’t and won’t understand, until you live it. It doesn’t take any type of degree, or a ton of common sense, to understand this concept. They do indeed sound like jets that won’t land. It goes on all day, almost every day. We pray for days without wind. You don’t and won’t understand, until you live it.
6 Nov 2019

‘Shadow flicker’ and lost sleep: Are Kahuku wind turbines too close to homes?

If Kahuku’s residents have their way, it won’t be the law much longer. Community members are lobbying legislators such as Sen. Gil Riviere, who said he is drafting legislation to increase setback distances for turbines. “I’m just trying to prevent the rest of the island from having to live with the things the Kahuku community is going to have to live with,” said Kamalani Keliikuli, vice president of Ku Kia’i Kahuku, a community group fighting against additional turbines.
31 Oct 2019

Impacts of Portsmouth High School wind turbine on neighbors

Today is October 12, 2017 and it has been a good 4 weeks of shadow flicker created by the Wind Turbine at the Portsmouth High School. This shadow flicker is making neighbors sick! You get nauseous or maybe a bit dizzy as the shadow flicker goes by for an average of 2 hours a day. The shadow flicker has been here since the spring around our neighborhood, but now for the last 4 weeks my street is engulfed. You can not do work, homework, watch tv, or much of anything else. Then you have the noise, the sound of a small jet plane coming in for a landing, but never lands. You can call the police department if the noise level is above 55 dba at night, which it does a few time a week, especially around the fort butts neighborhood. You complain to the town hall official Leon C. Lesinski and his response is well your the only one complaining. Then you speak to your neighbors and they tell you that they have complained. Some who don't live next to the Wind Turbine make uneducated comments like, it pays the bill. Why doesn't the council put the Wind Turbine in their backyard? Because they don't want it! Not in my back yard!
12 Oct 2017

Turbine neighbors are fed up

Councilwoman Karen Carlson, who said she receives at least two complaints about the turbines per day, visited West Log Bridge Road to see for herself what her constituents had been talking about....she could hear the noise emanating from the structures. “I can understand how it makes people crazy,” she said. “Honestly it was like this drone of a jet that just kept going.”
3 Apr 2017

Shadow flicker adds to wind farm health issues

The Golden West Wind Energy Center in Calhan, Colorado, consisting of 145 453-foot tall industrial wind turbines, became fully operational in October 2015. Since then, residents living within the wind farm project’s footprint have reported physical and psychological effects from the turbines.
3 Apr 2016

Portsmouth turbine abutters’ plea: ‘It should come down’

When the wind turbine near the high school stopped spinning its blades due to a faulty gear box in 2012, not everyone saw the development as bad news. For people like Donna Olszewski, who lives about 750 feet from the turbine at 36 Education Lane, it meant no more headaches and  sleep problems which she blamed on noise and shadow flicker generated by the machine.
10 Nov 2015

Shadow Flicker

It is difficult to to imagine what shadow flicker is until your home is covered by huge moving shadows that can make you dizzy and disoriented. It is difficult to imagine the level of disturbance caused by the noise.
16 Jul 2015

Residents battle shadow flicker

The county has responded to Bumhoffer’s complaint. Planning Commission Chair Clark Brock said his request is not unreasonable, and that the county’s building and zoning office will work to address the issue. ...Shadow flicker also has presented a problem for Rita Parsch, who lives on the western edge of Meade Township.
13 Jan 2015
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