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The WindAction Group is dedicated to providing information on industrial wind energy, enabling communities and government officials to make informed decisions.

What is the WindAction Group?

The Industrial Wind Action Group Corp ("The WindAction Group") was formed in 2006 in response to growing demand for information on the potential harmful impacts of large-scale wind energy facilities on wildlife and the natural environment. In time, our research expanded into other forms of large-scale renewable energy. We also expanded our focus to include impacts on neighboring properties including human health, property values and the methods for assessing, mitigating and eliminating these impacts. Support for this effort comes from a large and diverse group of environmentalists, energy experts, and ordinary citizens.

What does the WindAction Group do?

The WindAction Group is dedicated to providing information on industrial wind energy, and other forms of large-scale renewable energy facilities in order that citizens, property owners, communities and government officials can make informed decisions. The WindAction Group closely tracks and reports on the rapid growth of utility-scale renewable energy and the public policies that drive its deployment.

Are you opposed to renewable energy development?

Over the many years of tracking wind energy, and now solar development, our position regarding the deployment of these renewable energy sources has not changed. Deployment of large-scale renewables requires that there be sufficient, verifiable benefit -- benefits that can justify any qualitative and quantitative environmental, economic, health, and societal impacts. Project developers must comply with environmental standards, laws, rules, and regulations as must other developers in the energy and construction industries. But ultimately, the WindAction Group serves as an information source with a focus on the policies, deployment, and impacts of industrial-scale renewable energy development. Visitors to our library are encouraged to read as much as possible and draw their own conclusions about renewable energy sources. Our purpose is to provide the information.

Why does you library appear biased against renewable energy?

While it might appear that our library carries a bias against large-scale renewable energy development this is not our intention. Rather our intent is entirely on balancing the discussion on this important topic where we provide both positive and negative information. This is in contrast to many of the mainstream media stories which often do not capture the risks and costs of these energy sources.

Is WindAction funded by the fossil fuel industry, nuclear power industry or other renewable energy groups?

No. WindAction is not funded in any way by others in the energy industry including coal, natural gas, nuclear power, or other renewable energy resources, nor are we affiliated with large political activists groups. Support for our efforts is entirely grass roots, coming from a diverse group of environmentalists, energy experts, and everyday citizens who share our concerns about industrial renewable energy development.

Where does your funding come from?

WindAction welcomes donations from individuals and organizations that wish to support our efforts in raising awareness about the impacts of industrial renewable energy development. We are a volunteer group with no paid staff. Any donations we receive go directly to defraying WindAction expenses including maintenance of our website and extensive database.

How does the WindAction Group decide what content to add to its library?

The WindAction Group library contains tens of thousands of entries selectively culled from sources all over the world since 2006. Some of our documents date back decades thereby providing an historic view of the deployment of renewables. It is important that our visitors have confidence that content from our library stands up under scrutiny. Each posting has been carefully reviewed for accuracy and credibility, and as much as possible, brings something new to the debate. When a news event spurs multiple articles, we do not simply post every write-up. Each article is reviewed and usually the best single article for that news is selected. Opinion pieces, letters, and documents meet our strict editorial guidelines. Only those that are well written by informed and experienced authors are selected. If you have any questions regarding an item on the site, or if you are having difficulty locating a particular resource, please e-mail us.

Who is Lisa Linowes?

Since the WindAction Group’s formation in 2006, Ms. Linowes has served as Executive Director and spokesperson for the organization. She has presented and debated wind energy issues at numerous venues across the United States. She has also been invited to testify before Congress on federal wind energy policies. Ms. Linowes is an expert on the impacts of industrial-scale wind energy development on the natural environment, communities, and the regional grid systems. She is a conservation and land use advocate with many years of executive business experience.
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