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Conference points to need for easier power plant siting

... spending on efficiency measures costs about 3 cents per kilowatt-hour saved, while the wholesale cost of power has climbed above twice that... . BOSTON -- New England's economic prosperity is at risk if the region does not step up efforts to build new electrical generating plants, but much more aggressive energy conservation is needed as well, a regional conference on energy policy was told Friday.
3 Dec 2005

Off with all their heads

In reality, nobody has a fog what will happen. This is Virtualia, not the UK. During the last year, global warming has been predicted to lead to wetter winters, drier winters, another ice age, blazing-hot Mediterranean summers killing thousands, greater biodiversity and less biodiversity
2 Dec 2005

Windmill panel not ready to wrap up

TRENTON — An 89-page interim report released Wednesday outlines progress made by a task force investigating the pros and cons of building wind turbines offshore, but offers no insight into which way it's tilting. The panel will save its findings until its work is completed in March, when it's expected to offer a comprehensive report to Gov.-elect Jon S. Corzine.
2 Dec 2005

Concerns raised about regional emissions plan - Some unsure about goals on gas reduction

Representatives from New Hampshire and eight other northeastern states are coming close to an agreement on the nation's first large-scale effort to curb carbon dioxide emissions. But concerns raised by Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney last month about the cost of the regulations have caused some to second guess the plan and others to wonder if will ever become law.
2 Dec 2005

Wind energy controversy grows

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," Dave Groberg, project developer for Invenergy Wind LLC told 60 members of Mountain Communities for Responsible Energy (MCRE) Tuesday at Williamsburg’s community center. "While many people find wind turbines graceful and attractive, others disagree." He was referring to the 131 wind turbines his Chicago-based company hopes to erect on the mountain ridges of northwestern Greenbrier County.
1 Dec 2005
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