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Coastal towns' power, promise and privilege

It is not necessary to sacrifice the privilege of Massachusetts' magnificent coastline which sustains us. In allowing the destruction of an ecological sanctuary like Nantucket Sound we will fail in our commitment to uphold the public trust placed in us to protect our coastline for future generations.
31 Mar 2006

PSU AG Scientists Tout Alternative Energy Sources at Expo

UNIVERSITY PARK -- Converting agricultural commodities into energy can help the environment, reduce the country's reliance on foreign oil and open new markets for farmers, according to experts in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences. To illustrate the benefits of biofuels and other renewable energy sources, faculty and extension specialists from the college will present exhibits at the Pennsylvania Clean Energy Expo, March 31-April 1 at the Bryce Jordan Center on Penn State's University Park campus.
27 Mar 2006

Second wind?

Gordon Proven and his business development manager Johnnie Andringa have seen it all before: they were in the vanguard when the industry failed to take off in Scotland 15 years ago. Today, Scotland has a second chance at building a manufacturing sector in renewable energy, but a funding row could mean another false dawn .
26 Mar 2006

Owens Corning Announces Breakthrough Single-end Roving for Wind Energy

(CSRwire) Owens Corning (OWENQ.OB) announced at the European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition in Athens, Greece, a breakthrough single-end roving and knitted fabric, WindStrand™, which will allow the wind energy market to take another step forward in competing successfully against other alternative energy sources by reducing the cost per kilowatt-hour (kwh.) The product will allow turbine manufacturers to increase blade lengths by as much as six percent and deliver up to 12 percent more power -- for up to 20 percent less cost than any competing carbon-glass hybrid solution currently on the market.
22 Mar 2006

A new twist for wind power technology

LONDON, March 21 (UPI) -- Wind turbines have long been fixed in the public imagination as giant propellers on sticks, marching across rural landscapes to the ire of local residents. But now an alternative design of turbine that rotates on a vertical axis is attracting renewed interest, as developers consider the benefits they may bring in terms of reduced noise, increased efficiency, versatility and aesthetics.
21 Mar 2006

Windpower 'supergrid' could be built

IRISH wind farm operators Airtricity and Swiss engineering giant ABB have completed a study into creating a European 'supergrid' linking national grids to be powered from offshore wind farms. Such a grid - which would cost billions - would carry power to where it is needed.
17 Mar 2006

NREL, GE Energy Partner for Next-Gen Offshore Wind Turbines

Niskayuna, New York [] From the country with still not one wind turbine installed offshore comes news of a partnership between GE Energy and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on a research and development contract to build a new fleet of next generation offshore wind turbines. And with the turbines expected in the 5-7 MW range, these could be the largest turbines ever built.
14 Mar 2006

Catching the sea breeze

CRITICS OF PROPOSED US offshore wind farms have recently lauded efforts to develop deep-water offshore wind energy technologies that would allow wind farms to be built far from shore. They suggest that advances in research and development are proceeding at such a rapid pace that thousands of wind turbines could soon be operating off the northeast coast without encroaching on anyone's view or posing any threat to the environment. Clarification about the current state and potential of deep-water offshore wind energy appears timely.
11 Jan 2006

Magenn Power announces distribution agreement

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, Jan 10, 2006 Magenn Power Inc. today announced a distribution agreement with Krystal Planet Corporation to market the Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS), an airborne tethered wind generator. This innovative new product will deliver up to 4 kW (kilowatts) of power at a cost per kWh (kilowatt-hour) potentially much lower than conventional wind turbines mounted on towers.
10 Jan 2006

Wind Power - 'Variable' or 'Intermittent'? - A Problem Whatever the Word

A Research Into the Achilles' Heel of the Wind Industry. With a wealth of examples and references, Dr. Etherington enlightens us on the principal weakness of windfarms: their erratic, unpredictable production of electricity. A modern economy cannot afford blackouts, so wind power production must be backed up 24h a day by conventional power, which substantially reduces the C02 savings
1 Jan 2006
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