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Clear Creek passes moratorium on wind farm development

The Clear Creek Town Board approved a one-year moratorium Monday night on wind farm development in the town. The action came in response to overwhelming demand from town residents who attended a special meeting last week about a proposed 200-megawatt wind farm in southern Eau Claire County. ...Eau Claire County Supervisor Carl Anton said he plans to deliver a copy of the moratorium to the county’s Planning and Development Committee today.
12 Nov 2019

City loses power over turbines; State law limits municipalities' ability to control height

Mayor Steven Ponto said he's frustrated that the state has hamstrung local communities with such a broad plan. "Local governments know the needs and desires of their communities better than the state government does," Ponto said. "There should be flexibility on the local governments to make decisions that reflect the needs of the community.
22 May 2012

Rules may change for wind farm sites

The Legislature's joint committee for review of administrative rules voted earlier this month to temporarily block a wind farm site rule developed by the state Public Service Commission. But that action was only good for 30 days. To keep the rule from taking effect Friday, the committee will meet again Tuesday to consider a bill that would send the issue back to the PSC.
27 Mar 2011

Subject: Milwaukee mulls wind turbine location

But building the turbine on the second site — on land adjacent to the Lake Express car ferry at 2330 S. Lincoln Memorial Drive — could violate the state Public Trust Doctrine, according to an opinion by Stuart Mukamal, an assistant city attorney. The doctrine maintains the lakes and rivers belong to all Wisconsin citizens. The public’s right to access the waterways is legally well-established.
31 Jan 2011

Current regulations ignore property owners

If the PSC guidelines didn't reflect the state real estate association data on decreased property values, and if the industry cannot guarantee acceptable sound levels prior to construction, then the risk is all mine. As long as there is not a clear and easy recourse to be sure my rights and property values are protected, I will object.
23 Jan 2011

Strong gust for wind farms?

A wind-siting rule that took effect in Wisconsin on Jan. 1 could open the door to wind farms in southwest Wisconsin. The rule provides a path for obtaining a permit to build a wind farm -- as long as the project developers abide by the guidelines established by the state Public Service Commission. If a township opts to regulate a wind-energy power system, its ordinances can't be more restrictive than the PSC's rules.
4 Jan 2011

Kewaunee County wind turbine ordinance needed

"The concern that I have is putting windmills in close proximity to the city limits," Blaha said, after conferring with County Board Chairman Bob Weidner on the issue. Residents' main concern about the project involves setbacks, he said. The Public Service Commission proposed a 1,000-foot setback from property lines and residences.
14 Jul 2010

Critics sound off on wind farm plan

[Walter] Wiersma, of Friesland, was one of many people at the standing-room-only hearing who said worries about the health effects, safety and noise from wind turbines in a 17,300-acre area of the towns of Scott and Randolph, should lead the commission to reject the We Energies proposal for Glacier Hills Wind Park. "I'm for green energy," he said, "but I don't want it to hurt my family and friends." The afternoon and evening sessions for the hearing were moved from the Randolph Town Hall to the Friesland Village Hall to accommodate more people.
6 Nov 2009

Towns plan for new wind siting law

Officials in Union and Magnolia townships consider moratoriums on wind turbines to be the temporary answer in response to a new state law. Wind developer EcoEnergy has proposed projects in both communities. Local residents are concerned the new process on siting wind energy systems signed into law this week will erase their work to protect themselves from negative effects.
3 Oct 2009

Questions emerge over how, where to place wind farms

How close would you want to live to a wind farm? That's a question lawmakers are considering as they try to create more wind energy projects. State Senators are scheduled Tuesday to vote on a bill (SB 185), which would direct the Public Service Commission to set a statewide set of standards on where turbines could be sited in relation to homes and businesses. As of now, depending on the county, those tall spinning turbines can as be close as 500 feet from homes, or as far away as one mile.
15 Sep 2009
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