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Money, politics should not trump health

In a Reporter article April 13 our County Health Officer Kim Mueller said, "... There isn't any conclusive evidence that the (wind) turbines cause human health problems. ..." Where is Mueller's documentation of the complaints that Fond du Lac County residents have made regarding health issues which we believe began when the wind turbines went online eight years ago? Were the contents of these calls and emails ever presented to the County Board of Health? When was the last time that these serious health issues, believed to be linked to the industrial wind turbines,were placed on the Board of Health meeting agenda for discussion and consideration?
6 May 2016

Wind farm officials emphasize safety; Landowners meet with Bent Tree representatives

Safety was the main theme of a meeting Thursday for landowners involved in the Bent Tree Wind Farm project. For instance, even though some work will be done on landowners' private property, they aren't allowed on the construction site. If they call ahead and ask they may be allowed to see some parts. "This is your land and we respect that," said Bent Tree construction manager Tim Shugart.
16 Apr 2010

Group fears wind farm may interfere with 911 radio towers

Opponents of a proposed wind farm in southern Brown County are urging county officials to consider whether the project might interfere with emergency radio communications. A committee of the Brown County Board is scheduled Tuesday to discuss a Chicago-based developer's plan to erect 100 wind turbines in the towns of Morrison, Holland, Wrightstown and Glenmore.
1 Mar 2010

Wind turbines, weather radar duel over Dodge County

Butler Ridge, a new energy wind farm in east-central Dodge County, is interfering with the Weather Surveillance Doppler Radar at the Sullivan office in eastern Jefferson County, said Marc Ravinsky, senior meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Sullivan. Visual noise from the 36 wind turbines could mask or distort severe weather taking place in the same area, Ravinsky said.
11 Apr 2009

Wind turbines a hazard to air ambulances

The modern windmills may create clean energy but they are a clear and present danger to air ambulances. Milwaukee-based Flight for Life has notified first responders in Fond du Lac County that air ambulances will not land near the windmill clusters here. "They are up in the air," said Flight for Life's Claire Rayford. "We have to be aware of them. Depending on how high they are, they may not be lit."
15 Aug 2008

Turbines won't stop air medical transport

We found there are no set regulations for the air medical industry in regards to wind turbines other than they're treated like any other obstacle such as cell phone towers, electrical lines, cranes, etc. in that they are "avoided" in flight. This means you typically don't fly directly over them at low altitudes and don't fly in close proximity. The FAA and the DOT had no specific recommendations, but are concerned about placement near private airports that aren't governed by their agencies. There is also some concern in counties where the plan is to place scattered wind turbines as opposed to a linear placement as you see more in the western part of the state. In a linear placement, the location of the towers is somewhat more predictable, although often only the towers on the parameters of the line are required to be lit.
8 Dec 2007

Wind turbine is not wanted

County government has the right and duty to investigate the reality of wind turbine facilities and to write a wind energy ordinance that protects the health and safety of its citizens. ...You have to be very naive to believe a 400 to 500 foot, 270-ton to 330-ton piece of machinery would not make noise and negatively affect your family and community. Yes, many of us in Trempealeau County want to protect our health and safety - if you're as smart as I think you are, wouldn't you too?
22 Oct 2007

County alters wind ordinance

Supervisors voted 20-1 to approve an amendment requiring that information be posted on each large wind energy system so that the owner can be contacted in the event of a noise complaint. The placard must provide a telephone number for law enforcement or officials to call to investigate a noise complaint, sound level measurement, or administration of this ordinance, the amendment said.
19 Sep 2007

Impact of wind turbines questioned; Could turbines hurt future digital communications?

Commercial wind turbines could cause emergency communications systems to fail, leaving communities in the area at risk, according to a Clay Banks Windmill Planning Committee and Southern Door Fire Board member. ...Although wind energy systems do not appear to disrupt the current generation of analog type communication systems, the impact on digital voice communications systems remains unknown, Doug Weimer told the committee at its regular meeting Aug. 31. The impact of wind energy systems on digital communications systems is difficult to document because only a few of those systems are now being used.
5 Sep 2007

Lost load snarls traffic in Falls

A steel cylinder weighing more than a herd of elephants tumbled off a truck here Thursday and snarled traffic all day, prompting state officials to halt all such future shipments. Bound for a wind farm in Iowa, the 55-foot section of windmill fell onto the road shortly before 10 a.m. as startled onlookers watched in the center of the village's downtown business district. The colossal cargo came to a rest at Main St. and Appleton Ave., both state highways, where it blocked traffic throughout the day until about 9:25 p.m. and left downtown merchants cut off from their customers.
24 May 2007

Wind projects OK'd

MILWAUKEE (AP) - The Federal Aviation Administration has given approval to two Wisconsin wind power projects that were stalled by concerns that the turbines may interfere with military radar. Permits have been issued for the Forward Wind Energy Center in Fond du Lac and Dodge counties and the Butler Ridge wind farm in Dodge County, said Bruce Beard, the FAA manager in Texas responsible for the office that issues permits. "The (permits) are through. We are absolutely through with them, and they have got clearance to start building them," Beard said Friday.
29 Sep 2006

Invenergy Wind backs letter to Bush, White House

BROWNSVILLE -- It isn't over until it's over. Horicon Marsh Systems Advocates vows to continue fighting the approved $250 million wind farm planned for construction near the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge. In a recent development, Invenergy Wind LLC agrees with statements in a letter that 36 members of Congress sent to President George W. Bush and White House Council on Environmental Quality Chairman James L. Connaughton concerning wind energy and the Department of Defense study, said Neil Palmer, public affairs consultant for the Chicago-based developer. "We are very pleased to see the congressional delegation taking these positions and that three of them are from Wisconsin," he said. "While we have apparently been cleared on this issue in regard to the Forward project we feel that it's important that the DOD complete the study and if there are issues that it provide a description of how to address them."
21 Sep 2006

Invenergy Wind to reassess $250 million project

BROWNSVILLE - Invenergy Wind LLC will re-evaluate its entire $250 million project after the Federal Aviation Administration recently issued hazard determination permits for 80 of its 133 turbine sites, according to Neil Palmer, public affairs consultant for the Chicago-based developer. He said Invenergy Wind plans to obtain pricing updates on turbines, equipment and construction as well as establish a schedule after nearly a year-long delay while the Department of Defense studied the effect wind turbines would have on military radar. "Once we get through that we'll have a better definition of when we'll start building but we don't know that today," Palmer said. He said the DOD, which doesn't have the authority to issue permits for wind turbines, asked the FAA to grant them until the DOD concludes its study.
19 Sep 2006

FAA green-lights wind power plans - One project still faces lawsuit by opponents

Two Wisconsin wind power projects that were stalled by concerns that rotating turbines would interfere with military radar have received the go-ahead from the Federal Aviation Administration. Among them is one of the largest wind farms on the drawing board in Wisconsin: the Forward Wind Energy Center in Fond du Lac and Dodge counties. The Forward project, being developed by Invenergy of Chicago, was moving toward construction this year when it ran into a roadblock of opposition. Permits have been issued for both the Forward project, a 133-turbine development near the Horicon Marsh, as well as the Butler Ridge wind farm in Dodge County, said Bruce Beard, the FAA manager in Texas responsible for the office that issues permits.
17 Sep 2006
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