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Holland ponders wind energy rules

ASKEATON - With their town sitting in one of Wisconsin's prime areas for generating electricity from windmills, town of Holland officials took the first steps Monday night toward developing an ordinance to regulate wind energy projects. The Town of Wrightstown already has an ordinance on the books, while the towns of Morrison, Glenmore and Rockland continue to wrestle with the issue. The Holland Planning Board and Town Board met jointly to discuss such an ordinance, but took no action.
4 Jul 2007

Clay Banks panel studies wind details

After reviewing a draft ordinance to regulate wind energy systems, the town of Clay Banks Windmill Planning Committee continued its search for innovative ways to define some issues. After discussing shortcomings of the state rules and a seven-year-old Door County ordinance, the committee talked June 30 about some reasons why local authority should take precedence. The Door County ordinance fails to adequately address some issues, said committee member John Fritschler. If, for example, blasting is done to install a turbine, it could have an effect on the town's shallow groundwater in some areas. That could have an impact on residents' health.
4 Jul 2007

Glenmore approves second wind project

GLENMORE - The Glenmore Town Board on Monday approved a Suamico developer's plans to erect seven wind-power turbines. The three-member board voted unanimously to issue Tom Mattson and Prelude LLC a 30-year conditional-use permit to build the 500-foot-tall turbines. Earlier this year, the board approved permits for eight wind turbines to be erected by Emerging Energies/Shirley Wind LLC, a Hubertus company. The town is about halfway into a six-month moratorium on new wind projects, so construction hasn't begun yet.
3 Jul 2007

Moving forward with a Trempealeau moratorium

The County Board of Trempealeau, Wis., is to be commended for its recent rejection of the proposed draft ordinance on wind turbine development in the county and for responding favorably to our petition to extend the moratorium on wind turbine development until a truly comprehensive ordinance can be put together with the guidance of a Citizens Advisory Committee, to protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the county.
30 Jun 2007

Turbine rejection a good decision

The Trempealeau County Board is to be commended for its recent rejection of the proposed draft ordinance on wind turbine development in the county and for responding favorably to our petition to extend the moratorium on wind turbine development until a truly comprehensive ordinance can be put together with the guidance of a citizens advisory committee to protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the county.
28 Jun 2007

County looks at updated wind energy ordinance

Door County released a working draft of an updated wind energy ordinance Thursday evening which seeks to bring an existing county ordinance into compliance with state statutes. The draft ordinance discussed during the Resource Planning Committee (RPC) meeting regulates wind turbines that are taller than 170 feet, as opposed to 100 feet in the existing ordinance. The draft ordinance also regulates sound and setback requirements for inhabited structures and roads, and for property, communication and electrical lines.
23 Jun 2007

Governments have to write new wind energy laws

When Dave and Lynne Erbs decided to build a wind energy system to power their home, their first step was to see what ordinances the Town of Fulton has for wind energy. The answer? None. "There's nothing in any of those (ordinances) that says you can have a residential wind tower or that you can't have a residential wind tower," Clerk Connie Zimmerman said. "We have rules for silos and cell phone towers, but not for wind energy."
23 Jun 2007

Clay Banks panel continues wind study

The Clay Banks Windmill Planning Committee will continue its search for information despite plans by Door County to upgrade regulations for the energy systems. The six-member town panel may follow the 21-page Shawano County ordinance, a document presented June 15 to the committee by Mike Johnson, Clay Banks Town Chairman and a member of the committee. "I think it's very clear and concise, and outlines the state ordinance in terms of how ineffective it is," Johnson said. Last month, the town board became concerned when Door County Supervisor Bob Ryan, said the county Resource Planning Committee planned to revise the county ordinance, bringing it into compliance with the state code.
21 Jun 2007

Wind turbine issue tabled until July

The Casco Town Board, which approved a conditional use permit a year ago for five wind turbines a half-mile north of Slovan for Robin Urban, tabled action Monday night until its July meeting on whether to grant a conditional permit for two more wind turbines across County E on the Ronald and Elaine Flavion property as part of the Urban Power I Site.
19 Jun 2007

Trempealeau County Board of Supervisors extend moratorium on wind ordinance

The Trempealeau County Board of Supervisors voted 12-2 to extend the moratorium on a controversial wind ordinance at its regular meeting Monday night. A motion to pass a county wind ordinance failed in a tie-breaker vote, but board member George Brandt recommended the county allow for public input and consideration of revisions until Dec. 28, 2007.
19 Jun 2007

Clay Banks halts large wind turbines

The Clay Banks Town Board approved a one-year interim ordinance controlling the establishment of wind turbines to give an attorney time to review the measure. The ordinance adopted Thursday, June 14, places interim controls, limiting wind turbines to 170 feet in height, and regulating equipment that converts wind energy into electrical power for sale, resale or off-site use. The measure, said Town Chairman Mike Johnson, will give the town a year to analyze revisions in the Door County wind ordinance to determine if it meets standards needed to protect residents and property owners. The county Resource Planning Committee is expected to discuss that proposal June 21.
16 Jun 2007

Wilton board vetoes wind turbines

The town of Wilton said no to wind turbines Tuesday, but the issue is almost certainly headed for the courts. By a 2-1 vote, the board vetoed a conditional use permit issued May 24 by the Monroe County Sanitation, Planning & Zoning Committee that would allow Summit Ridge Energy to construct eight to 10 wind turbines in the township. Board member Jan Brandau cast the dissenting vote. Town Chairman Ricky Irwin and board member Timothy O'Rourke favored the veto. Irwin lifted a folder containing 41 letters opposing the wind towers. He said there were no letters in support. "The consensus has been overwhelming to veto it," Irwin said.
14 Jun 2007

Wind turbines won't be coming to Ubly

There most likely will be a wind energy farm operating in Huron County this year. But it won't be in the Ubly area, and it's a project which most likely won't go online until next year. Instead, a wind energy farm is being built between Pigeon and Elkton and the wind turbines could be generating power by December.
13 Jun 2007

Wind turbines approved for town of Wilton

The Monroe County Planning & Zoning Committee voted 4-1 to grant Summit Ridge Energy LLC a conditional use permit (CUP) to build wind turbines in the town of Wilton Tuesday. "It was a ‘cookie cutter' procedure", said Atty. Glenn M. Stoddard, representing two Wells clients who filed lawsuit against the Committee. "I think they (the Committee) knew their decision before the meeting started."
8 Jun 2007

Glenmore mulls wind energy ordinance changes

About 25 residents and town leaders gathered Tuesday night to brainstorm suggested revisions to the town's wind energy ordinance, which will be taken up by the Plan Commission next month. The suggestions were varied and drew on issues raised by residents on two wind energy projects that have come to the town for approval.
6 Jun 2007
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